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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

June Birthdays

In our family May has always been the big birthday month.  My parents both are May, Nate and Rachel are May birthdays, a couple of nieces are May birthdays, too.

Then October caught up with my, Kayleigh, my brother in law, and mother in law's birthdays, then Isla and Klaire (granddaughters born a day apart) were both born in October.

But recently June has come on strong.  It's always been my younger brother's birth month, a sister in law and a niece, but then our kids started to have kids.

10 years old yesterday!

Clark is two!

Kaidence is one!

Von is 4 days old!

Yesterday was Kamryn's birthday, and since Nate was home and could stay with the baby, Kayleigh took Kam, and Klaire fishing.  A few hours later they pulled into our driveway, around the time that Lindsay came by with my parents.  They were headed up to Nate and Kay's to give Kamryn her birthday gifts. Rachel called and was going to drop something off, so she stayed and Wes came over after he got off of work.

June is also Weston's birthday month!

Our other birthday boy, Wes.  

Long story short, we all ended up under the tree in the front yard for cake and presents, and then we got pizza, and spent the first real time relaxed family time together since the lockdowns started in March.

It was really fun, and my mom texted later to say how much she enjoyed it and how much she and my dad had missed being together with everyone.

I'm thankful for the spontaneous gathering, too.


  1. You have a beautiful family. Our busy months are May, October, and November. So many birthdays and anniversaries.

  2. So happy for your" gathering" --and such blessings in the happy faces and joy spilling out all over. Praise God for sure!!!! I am a June girl too! 20th... am twenty anyway in MIND... Blessings, merri

  3. Kamryn is the big 1-0! Happy Birthday to her. ☺ You have a growing family and I am so happy that you were able to gather and "be normal" again. It actually made my eyes sting.

  4. June birthdays, HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyone! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Oh, I'm sure that was a joyous occasion! Sometimes, impromptu is the best! Happy birthday to all of the May and June birthday people!


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