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Monday, June 8, 2020

Spare 'oom

When Rachel married and moved out of our home, we had some bedroom shuffling going on.  Sarah immediately moved into Rachel's bigger bedroom, and a week later Kyle moved into Sarah's old room.  This room is the smallest bedroom, but when the previous owners added a master suite onto the house, they made the entry through what was Kyle's old bedroom.

This was never really a problem.  When we moved into our cottage, I was pregnant with Sarah, so we always used that room for a nursery or a young kids bedroom.  Of course kids moving out almost always caused a room reshuffling, but I thrive on change, so it was never a problem for me!

We now have a "spare 'oom," and I'm having fun with it.  So far all I've really done is put Sarah's old daybed in the room.  I have a lot of sorting and clearing of collected kids things to go through.  

This room will be where grands sleep, or Sarah when we have overnight guests.  I used bedding we already had (Watson seems to like it) but I will be looking for some that works on a daybed.  This mattress is comfy, and we added a down topper to it, so it is lovely to sleep on.

I need to get Kyle's room organized and pictures up on his walls etc, before I take any photos in his new space.  Of course, I just got him to deal with a pile of dirty socks, so who knows how long this will take! {grin}

When Sarah flies the nest, Kyle will move to her current bedroom, and then who knows what kind of room this might become, maybe an office or studio space for creativity.  

For now, I'm thinking of new wall color and whether to take the shelf, that runs all around the room, down.  I like the idea of wainscoting to cozy up the space, and it would work just fine with the shelf so perhaps we'll leave it.

I love design projects, but it takes us longer these days due to my back, and Tim being very busy with his business.  However, I do have handy kids, and perhaps we can trade labor for dinner?  Hmmmm. 


Cheryl said...

All of your ideas sound promising . . . even that "trade labor for dinner" idea!! Like you, I love a good room shuffle and a new space to decorate. I know you'll have fun dreaming about the possibilities!

Vee said...

Oh bother! I did not realize that your back was still acting up. Are you using some essential oils? I use Deep Relief and sometimes just peppermint and lavender in combination.

A spare room would be very handy. I might have a couple, but they sure need some attention. If only housework stayed done. 🙃

Happy guiding Kyle through room moving clean-up. He must be pretty excited about his new space.

Lorrie said...

I smiled when I read the title of your post. We have a spare room - two of them, but one is a sewing room now. We put a crib/packnplay there, if needed. Your ideas for spiffying up your spare-oom sound great. Hope your back gets better.

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