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Monday, June 1, 2020

Made In His Image

I don't want to be tone deaf to what is happening in our nation, and only share the pretty things in my life.  My heart is broken that everyone is not seen as being made in the image of God.

I don't like to use the word 'race' either because we all belong to the human race!  We are however all from different ethnicities, and here in America our ethnicities are blended in beautiful ways.

I am thankful that I was raised by parents who taught my brothers and I that skin color doesn't matter.  I was also raised in a church that multi-cultural.  We had people whose heritage was Dutch Indonesian, German, American Indian, African American, Mexican, Scottish, English, Japanese.  It didn't matter.  We loved each other, and were there to worship the Lord together.  It was such a gift to grow up that way.

 Tim, who grew up in Africa, and I have always taught our kids that the color of a persons skin doesn't matter.  It's truly their character that matters, and that God loves the whole world and all of his creation.  We have friends and family members who are "black."  It makes me sick to think that they may be singled out, or treated differently than I am because of their skin color.

I think there are many issues that I've never thought through, because they didn't affect me, that I want to understand and then help to change.  I don't want my nephew in law, or my great nephews to be treated unjustly, or to even die, because they have a different skin tone than I do.

I'm praying for peace for our nation, but not a return to the status quo on this subject. 


  1. Well said my friend. There is evil in ever shade of skin as well as good. I pray for the good to out weigh the evil and God Bless this country and each person with peace.

  2. I think, for many white people, we do not understand the experience and tension our black (or other ethnic) friends and neighbours experience daily. I do not understand judging someone by the colour of their skin and want so much for peace to cover the world. We must work for that.

  3. Goodness and kindness will always be...remember the little Sunday School song....Jesus loves the little children...ALL the children...sending blessings and hugs Deanna...thank you for sharing today!


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