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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Why I Have A Garden

There are many reasons that I have a garden.  I love to plan out how I want my garden to look, what flowers I want to grow, where to place them in the garden.

I love to sit among the beauty of flowers and plants.  I love to think about how they are growing exactly as they were created to do.  There are lessons about life to be learned in the garden.

However, I mainly garden so I can do this - 

There is nothing I like more than to go into my cottage garden and cut flowers for  bouquet or vase.  Sometimes, it's all peonies, or roses, but sometimes it is a mix of petite iris, peonies, roses (Munstead Woods), bleeding heart, feverfew.

My cottage garden is the gift that keeps on giving, and soon it will be giving hydrangea, too!  I have four kinds of hydrangea now; Limelight, a pink mophead, Annabelle, and Endless Summer hydrangea.  That last one is new this year, and I can't wait to see the blooms!

Do you garden?  What are your favorite things to grow in the garden?


  1. No, I pretend to garden. 😏 Your bouquets are sweet and add a lot to a room or an outdoor room. I have a bouquet of lily of the valley so you can see I am not a gardener. (I make a cone around them and attempt to kill them as they are taking over the garden once again. Do you have any growing in your garden? They need a patch of their own.

  2. Just a few snippings makes a lovely refreshing vase to gaze at.
    Of course, roses are my favourite!


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