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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Video Tour Of My Cottage Garden

I made a quick tour of my cottage garden.   Someone mentioned to me on Instagram that they'd LOVE to see my garden because I show so many beautiful peonies and roses from my garden. They assumed I had an amazing garden.

I really don't.  Master gardeners would cringe to see my weeds, and non organized garden.  I love it though.  I love that I can cut flowers from my garden and bring them indoors.  I love sitting in my garden and reading.  Sarah will often sit out on the steps and read and journal.

This is why I garden.

I don't have the ability to easily weed anymore, but with some help I can manage this beautiful space.

I want to encourage you that you can make a space for beauty, too.  Roses can be grown in pots, so can hydrangea.  You could create a garden on a patio, or a deck or a balcony.  You don't have to have a large space, and lots of time and energy.  Do what you can.

I'm inspired by Angela Reed at Parisienne Farmgirl and her potager garden.  My back won't allow me to do that big of a garden, but I can do what I can do.  Our hearts for beauty and caring for our homes and family are the same.  You can find her youtube channel {here.}

The first person who inspired me for gardening was Emilie Barnes.  I already had a heart for homemaking and keeping and when I went to one of her seminars I found a kindred spirit!

She died several years ago, but her heart for her home lives on in her many books which you can find through online booksellers.  I highly recommend them for inspiration.

The key to inspiration for me, is to see creativity in what someone is doing and adapt it for my tastes and my interests.  I love to be inspired!

I hope my small cottage garden inspires you.  A garden doesn't have to be perfect, weed free, or beautifully designed to give you joy and the ability to have fresh cut flowers in your home!


Elizabethd said...

Your garden is very pretty. I love the fact that you have old fashioned cottage garden flowers, feverfew and hollyhocks.Lovely!

Vee said...

You have a lot of delightful variety in your garden. I can only work in my garden for short spurts daily. Good thing my garden is even smaller than yours! I'd love to have some hollyhocks somewhere. Where has Angela gone? She is not posting as often as she used to. I imagine the potager is keeping her busy.

Heather said...

I love your garden! I have the same philosophy as you! Except for 6 years of our married life we have lived in rental homes or apartments and I just try to make my garden as beautiful as I possibly can. I have a really tiny flower bed out front that's packed full and then tons of stuff in pots! I am hoping that you will get to visit this summer and have tea with me! 😁

Cheryl said...

I enjoyed your garden tour . . . so many pretty things!! I love your encouragement to grow what you love in a small space. I also love that your chickens feel at home in the garden. (Or am I not supposed to love that? 😉)

Theresa said...

SO beautiful! You know I love a garden full of pretties! Yours are gorgeous! Thanks for the tour:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

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