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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Time For Roses

With the peonies gone, by heart is lifted by the arrival of the roses! 

These are sweet garden roses, not long stemmed beauties, but they are so beautiful!

These pinks are David Austin Scepter'd Isle.  Just gorgeous.

I didn't grow roses for other than a climber, for many years because I thought all roses were 'fussy' and I didn't have time for that with six kids!  But over the last five years or so I've been learning about garden roses, and of course, fell in love with English garden roses!

They do require a bit of care, feeding, spraying for aphids, dead heading.  I have time for that now and the joy they bring me, and the beauty of them in the garden is worth the small amount of time it requires.

I had a comment on my Instagram from my friend Kathy who lives in Michigan.  After she saw a photo of my roses, after all the peony photos, she said that my garden must be amazing and she wanted to see it!  Its not really amazing, its small.  I am going to work on a video to show you.

I'm a believer that a garden doesn't need to be large or fussy in order to bring beauty to a home!



  1. That's a lovely posy of roses. I want to bury my nose in them. Are they all fragrant?

  2. Oh Isabelle did a segment on cutting roses and growing more on Chateau Diaries recently. I did not know such a thing was possible.

  3. You are right Deanna, a garden brings beauty however small....or large. My garden is not big, but I have crammed so much in, and every bit is a joy to me.

  4. Roses are following close on the peonies here, too. My roses get black spot, and sometimes look bedraggled, but they keep on blooming. I feed and prune them and they respond so well with gorgeous blossoms. I'm in love with David Austin roses - such beautiful forms and scents - and I'm thinking of ways to get more of them into my garden, which is also quite small. Your last statement is so very true.

  5. What lovely roses Deanna....soft romantic certainly have the touch!

  6. Oh how I love flowers, roses are one of my faves! Your flowers are always SO pretty! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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