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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

My Amazing Thrifted Find

I recently found out about a local business that is open just a few days a week.  They have used items from clothing to antiques, and they also have some new items like earrings.

My AMAZING thrifted find was a dozen silver plated punch cups!  They were really a great price, too. I paid $2.50 per cup!

I have big plans for these cups when the holidays roll around!  Can you imagine sitting around with friends drinking hot cider or egg nog by the light of the Christmas tree?!!!

You know that Christmas is my favorite holiday, and that autumn is my favorite season.  I can't wait to host gatherings full of joy and hope, which we sorely need in this year of madness.

I'm praying as I know you are, too.  We know that the enemy of our souls is a liar and a deceiver.  He's working hard to destroy.  But God has not retired, nor will he abdicate his throne.  His kingdom is forever!

ps - I bought this pair of new earrings for $5 at this store.  Aren't they cute? They are so lightweight and I love that.


  1. Oh those cups are beautiful! I know you will be enjoying them! LOVE the earrings, I also have to have lightweight earrings. That's the only kind I wear. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. What a great find! Our thrift store hasn't had much lately. Now our local "antique mall" that is another story which would require buying a big house, LOLOL. My husband has a hard time getting me out of that place and I often tease Brian (the owner) to hire me-which he often says he wishes he could. Unfort...this shut down is never ending, sigh and folks are hurting because of all the regulations etc.

    Great earrings! Have a beautiful day, friend.

  3. Yes, they are lovely! My first thought was for Egg nog also! Not sure, but the hot beverage might be too hot to handle the cup?? Because that happens with my silver tea pot itself. Maybe some portion controlled peppermint icecream?? Anyways, you'll think of something!

  4. I can totally see you sipping Christmas beverages from those silver cups!! Love your earrings too!! Great shopping!

  5. love those earrings! and you're beautiful. :)
    $2.50 a cup!? golly.

  6. Both the cups and your earrings are lovely! Enjoy them.

  7. Love the silver cups and your earrings, too! Thrifting is so much fun. Our local one has been closed for work on the parking lot and the corona virus, too. I surely do miss it - never know what you'll find!

  8. Great finds and so good to look forward to good times ahead. There will be good times ahead, no matter how tough the trek we have now.

  9. The earrings look beautiful on you. Thank you for this encouragement. Bless you,Dawn E. Brown ps...yes, love those cups.

  10. Pretty ear rings. Light is the key!

    Although my "holes" have closed up, from lack of use, over time.

    🍑 🍑 🍑


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