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Thursday, August 27, 2020

New Lights In The Garden


I tend to think of the garden as the enclosed space in front of my house that has all my lovely flowers in it.

In the UK it seems that they call the whole yard, including lawn space, as the garden.  (please correct me if I'm wrong)  I really like this idea.

So that's why I'm saying my new lights are in the 'garden', though they are hanging in the trees in the yard.

Our friends are visiting this week, so we had pizza in the 'garden' and invited Nate, Kay, and the girls to come share it with us.

Klaire enjoys this spot in the climbing tree.  She really liked it with the lights in the tree!  Childhood magic at grandma's house!


Elizabethd said...

Language differences are so interesting! In the UK a yard is usually a workspace, or a little paved area at the back of a small house, or somewhere to park a car, concreted space, not a big grassy area. That's a garden!

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

How cozy, I can see why Klaire is up there enjoying the magical spot in the garden.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

I'm in the USA but have discussed this, with Brit Net friends. Yes, they do call "everything," the 'garden.' Where we call the grass, the 'yard.' And where we plant flowers or food, the "garden."

Love your tree lights!!!! I got some solar powered faerie lights, for our back fence, and we are enjoying them. Our family next door, does too.

But yours, in a tree, are more magical.

Certainly so, for your sweet 'Grand daughter.' A climbing tree. With faerie lights. What delightful memories!!!!!!!!

Lorrie said...

I like the idea of the entire area around a house being called a garden, too, and I'm using that term more and more. As I heard it explained a yard is a working place for farms, trucks, and the like. What fun Klaire looks to be having with the fairy lights and the tree.

Vee said...

Your tree caught a cutie pie! The lights look wonderful! Since most English gardens~yards are as small or smaller than my own, I like the idea of everything outside being described as the garden. I tend to differentiate between front garden, back garden, and yard. Maybe I could get hoity-toity and call the driveway area the courtyard. 😁 Don't mind me, I know less than nothing about Great Britain and how things are done.

Cheryl said...

Your new lights are charming and welcoming!! Of course, Klaire thinks so too!!

Theresa said...

Beautiful lights in your garden! Claire is precious in the tree:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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