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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Answering Questions/Responding To Comments

 You all post such kind comments and often ask questions or make statements in the comments that I'd love to talk with you about but many of you are no-reply commenters and so I am unable to do reply to your emailed comment. Since I moderate all my comments, they come to me first and I approve or delete or just hold them in my comments folder. 

It's on me that I don't think about coming back onto the blog and replying to your comment on the blog in the comments section. Do you ever come back to check? I will try to be more diligent about this.

For today, I thought I'd answer/comment on some of  your comments from the last few weeks.

cityhomemaker - asked me to pray for the believer's in her city, and I have as God has brought you all to mind. There is no mistake that there is a 'dark' spirit there. I think many believer's are waking up to find we've been lulled to sleep in many ways while the darkness has taken hold more and more. My encouragement to you today friend is this, "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world." 

ellen - your comment about Fauc* and how "he won't be able to walk down the street" is a familiar phrase and one I completely agree with. When you can see through the emails that he knew for many years that these long used drugs could help people and yet they purposely kept them from people! Whether it was to hurt DJT relection efforts (which we've begun to see the media talk about) or to make money on the 'zine' or both, people will be looking for criminal charges against him.

Beside a babbling brook...I have heard about DJT and Bill O'Reilly doing a tour of cities, and I am fascinated by this. It is a way to go around the media to tell of all the excellent things he did for our nation.

Unknown - don't bother to comment.

Deanna - I did read about Gov. Abbott and found an article on the Texas state government website. You can read it {here}.

ellen - I agree about Unknown. We've all been taught through indoctrination to believe what the government tells us and especially to believe media. Sadly, many will never be able to accept that the ccp has infiltrated our nation and that many, not all, in every area of our government have been corrupted. I'm a proud American and it has grieved me to see it.

Beside a babbling former New Yorkers have all been here for many years, except one, and she came after her job went away during lock down. She came to work in a ministry here in Lancaster County.

Cheryl - Hollyhock Nigra is such a gorgeous flower. I have lots of seed saved if you'd like some! That's true for any of you. I'll gladly send you seeds!

Vee - The video and information about the FBI involvement has troubled me. Makes me realize that many things they've told us about events in the past have been lies, too! For how many years, is a question I have. 

A Joyful Cottage - I am glad for newfound boldness from some of the Republican party. We've not been happy R's for years, but in a two party system you are stuck. 

Unknown - I'm responding to one of your comments that I did not publish. I do not watch Fox News. I haven't for years. I think they have very few hosts that I would say are truth tellers. I'm sad for you that you think Rachel Maddow and others are telling you truth. They aren't.

Beside a Babbling Brook - This is a new pool and an above ground one at that. I do love an inground pool but this is what we have been given and we are pleased with it. Our grands and our kids will love it for years to come, and so will we.

Linda - I'm just grateful that our family lives close by, most of them anyway! I'm glad they like to get together. We've given our kids autonomy as adults. We recognize that one day, our family with grands, and eventually great grands, maybe so big that we don't see all of them regularly. One day, we may be empty nesters and invited to spend Christmas in Tennessee, or who knows where the family may spread! We will graciously accept invitations to be a part of these celebrations as long as we are able! For now we are working on plans to get an addition built here for my parents to live in. The Amish in our neighborhood would call it a Dawdi Haus or grandfather house.

I hope you haven't minded the Q and A here in this post. I hope to be better at responding in the comments if you come back looking for an answer! Be sure to tell me if you do in the comments. Also, you can set it so your email will show to me when I moderate your comment and I can reply right to your emailed comment. {Here} is an article that explains how to do this. It is fine if you want to stay a no reply commenter, I'll just try to catch you in the comments!


Vee said...

No, I don't return looking for a response. In my experience, you've always been good to respond if a comment required it. Now if you tell me, in advance, that you plan to respond, I'll be back.

Vee said...

That railing box is gorgeous!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

My compute* will print the lette*, only randomly.
But I have read here, today.
😏 💻 😏 💻 😏 💻 😏 💻 😏

But I will add... Do not come back for comment replies, in comments. No* do I do them. -smile-

_This_ is the pe*fect way to answe* questions, I think!!! *ight in a blog post! Anothe* blogge* does this, daily, if someone has asked a question. At the bottom of he* daily post. -smile-

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'm usually a hit and run reader who leaves without commenting!!! ;)

Only because I usually am reading through favorite blogs on the tablet. So, when I rarely do comment on a blog, I don't return to read the answer.

Ruth said...

I find your blog refreshing! I love the closeness of your family and how you work towards keeping the ties. Please keep sharing the good news that is happening within our country.

Kim said...

I loved this post! Lots of topics covered and it was an interesting read.


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