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Friday, June 11, 2021

Good News Friday


Every time I post something politcal, or even when I posted on Memorial Day to remember our service members who died in while serving in the military, I get a comment from "Unknown." The memorial day post got this comment from her - Memorial day is not a day Donald Trump looks too fondly upon. If you'll recall he thinks veterans are all "losers" and "suckers" Little does he know, he's the biggest "loser" and "sucker" Not to mention a one term, twice impeached, fat, lardy, orange, disgusting, lying, corrupt, cowardly pig!

My memorial day post never mentioned DJT or anything political.

Last week's Good News post got this comment - This is getting so tiring but I will say it again "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!"

So I'd like to remind Unknown that no one makes her read my blog and she does not need to keep commenting on things that obviously make her exhausted! You are free to ignore my blog forever, Unknown, for your own mental health. It's obviously not a place you agree with. Be free. I'm sure you can find blogs with likeminded friends.

Now for this weeks news - 

Two of the most effective weapons in psychological warfare are discouragement and demoralization. If they can discourage and demoralize you, you will likely stop fighting. That is why we want to encourage you twice a week that we are WINNING on many fronts!

Good News of the Week, June 9, 2021:

1. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has announced that he will vote against Democrats’ sweeping election reform bill, “For the People Act.” He has faced expected Democrat backlash for this, but he is not being swayed.

2. As of Wednesday afternoon, 80% of the ballots have been counted in the Maricopa County, AZ audit.

3. Delegates from six states –PA, GA, CO, AK, VA and NV–have already visited the Arizona audit facility. Delegates from other states will tour the facility later in the week.

4. Several people have been subpoenaed in Fulton County, Georgia, for their activities in the 2020 election. These include Ruby Freeman, who was caught on tape scanning ballots multiple times and her daughter, Shaye Moss, who told GOP observers to go home and then pulled suitcases of ballots out from under a table. Note - I personally saw Ruby Freeman's IG stories before she closed her account. She bragged about what they did, and how her daughter helped JB win! She's not too smart. Nothing is ever lost on the internet.

5. The Georgia GOP approved a resolution to censure Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for failing to perform his duties and for undermining the security of the 2020 election in Georgia.

6. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that increased the penalty for intentionally altering ballots or election reports to a second-degree felony. These crimes can now land people in jail for up to 20 years.

7. The border town of McAllen, TX, which is 85% Hispanic, elected their first Republican mayor in 24 years. Republicans also held two other mayoral seats in the DFW area and had major wins in DFW-area school board races amid a raging battle over critical race theory. Note - The Republican is hispanic himself.

8. President Trump was back in campaign mode mode at the NC GOP State Convention Saturday and millions of people tuned in to watch. More than two million watched on RSBN and 1.8M watched on Newsmax. You can watch the full speech on

9. Social media’s censorship and bans have not hindered President Trump from getting his messages out. According to a NY Times analysis, 11 of his 89 statements after the bans have attracted as many likes or shares as before he was banned.

10. The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that immigrants who entered our Country illegally and then were granted Temporary Protected Status are not eligible to apply for “green cards” to remain in the US permanently. If someone enters the US illegally, they will not be rewarded with permanent citizenship. Note - that was a 9-0 vote.

11. Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala to discuss the border crisis with their president. She was greeted with huge banners of, “Kamala, TRUMP WON,” “Kamala Go Home” and “Kamala Mind Your own Business.” Guatemala’s president blamed Biden’s change in Trump’s message for the rapid border crisis.

12. The criminal investigation into NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “cover-up” of COVID-19 deaths at state nursing homes continues. Federal prosecutors have subpoenaed communications, contracts and documents used during the pitching process of his memoir to aid their investigation.

13. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to protect individual rights. He threatened to enforce FL law on cruise companies which would fine them $5,000 every time they asked for proof of vaccination. This forced Royal Caribbean to change its stance. You may now sail with them unvaccinated.

14. Governor DeSantis went on the offense and signed two bills that will combat the influence of foreign adversaries. One bill bans Confucius Institutes on university and college campuses, and the other creates new criminal offenses for the theft and trafficking of trade secrets.

15. The United Nations has suspended Iran’s voting rights after it failed to pay $16M in dues.

There is a lot of interesting things happening. Be encouraged. Pray. Share the truth. Don't fight with those who are blind and cannot see. Some people will never awaken to the truth, but so many have - around the world too!

Here are a few photos of our tea with friends, from Wednesday.

I didn't take any photos, but my mom took these three! The fans are because their AC is broken! They had a repair man coming this week, so hopefully that won't be too expensive a fix for them. 

When I got home, our AC was out as well. Tim, had an idea of that it maybe a capacitor, talked to the repair guy we use, who said it could be that. In the morning Tim took the old one out of the ac unit, took it to the local cash and carry store, they took it, Tim got a new one for $11 and came home put it in and the ac was restored! If that hadn't been the issue, our repair guy was set to come that same day to fix it. When we had an issue back in 2012 (you can read that interesting story about The Arrow and the Air Conditioner by clicking on the title) Tim called various repair places and they all wanted to replace our AC unit because it was 11 years old. The repair guy we found then and still use for AC and refrigerators came and fixed it for $300. It has worked perfectly for 9 more years which means the unit is 20 years old! One day we will have to replace the unit but until then we are so happy to have this one working so beautifully.

Our weekend is going to be cool so the AC will get a break. I do love the windows and doors open and fresh air coming in!

This is a birthday weekend for our family. One of our granddaughter's birthdays is today! Kaidence is TWO! Hurray! Tomorrow our youngest grandson will be ONE! How fun is that? We'll see the two year old later today, and FaceTime the one year old tomorrow!

Today is also my baby brother David's birthday. He would be 54 today. He died on Easter Sunday in 1995. He never got to meet Rachel, Sarah or Kyle but one day he will! I love and miss him.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Thank you for sharing good news and the lovely tea. You are kind to one who calls you an idiot. I'd not be.

  2. Such an encouraging post, Deanna! It's very refreshing and uplifting to see all of that good news in one place.

    The tea party looks like such fun too, though it looks as if everyone is quite warm in spite of the fans. It has been so very hot here and we have no AC. Thankfully today is MUCH cooler!

  3. I LOVE your upbeat and positive posts! Especially the Good News ones! Keep it up, and may God bless you!
    (Poor Miss Unknown. She sounds unhappy. Interesting she keeps reading your posts...)

  4. I loved the update on the political news. Look forward to your encouraging posts thank you for sharing the good news

  5. I long for the return of Christian fellowship ... there are, I believe, many Christians where I live and many patriots. However, "we" are under a very dark spirit here. While I won't say the city I live in, you'll know when I say ours is the "nursing home controversy" governor.

    While I know this isn't really aligning with this post ... please pray for us here. We have found Charles Stanley and Leading the Way's Michael Youssef to be very biblically sound, and praise God for them.

    Thank you.

  6. I appreciate you sharing all the good news!

  7. True, if people don't agree and feel the need to give thumbs down to posts... keep on moving to the next blog:) "Be encouraged, pray, share the truth" I like that! It looks like you all had a great time even without air conditioning. We had to have one of our units worked on earlier this month. Enjoy the day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. Unknown is so typical of alot of liberals. So full of hate and vitriol and unhappiness. They really need our prayers. Thank you for the good news. May I add, the Fauci emails coming out which prove what we've known all along. He funded the research at the Wuhan lab with our tax money. When the world finds out about how effect hydroxychloroquine is and how he lied about that, too, he won't be able to walk down the street! You have a beautiful family. Bless you.

  9. Thank you THANK YOU for this post and all the wonderful news in it! Especially the link to I haven’t seen ANY news personally for months and months! But I WILL be tuning in to this network now!
    I love your tea and your ‘traveling hospitality’ in taking the entire party to your friend!
    As to unknown.....she must be so sad and miserable. Talk about influence - you uplift and share goodness from your heart - and she voices her anger and bitterness. She needs our prayers desperately. I think she must secretly admire you greatly or she wouldn’t continue to show up here and vent like she does. She NEEDS to read what you write! Too bad you can’t block Unknown.....but then maybe you can. She can continue to read but not leave her voice of bitterness here.

  10. And did you know this?????????

    Today's Highlights
    Tuesday, June 15

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    Naturally you didn't see it, since the multi source media do not tell people such things! But a lot of people go to Bill O'Reilly for the truth of what's happening. -smile-

    Here are places you can access him...

    Bill O'Reilly .com

    Bill O'Reilly No Spin News Twitter

    Bill O'Reilly Twitter

    Gentle hugs....


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