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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Hall Bath Reveal

 I've wanted to do something to update the hall bath for a very long time. I've tried painting it new colors over the years and putting a different curtain on the shower. 

The bathroom was getting there, but wasn't quite there yet. I am reminded though, that when the picket fence was in the hall bath and all the kids were young, it was an awesome way for them to hang their towels, and it was very cute. Seasons change and so did my taste in decor!

I started pinning board and batten, bead board, and shiplap on Pinterest {walls}and new this was what was needed to bring the hall bath to where I had envisioned it.

It took a few years but we finally made it a priority and got it done. Now I love it.

The photos were all taken on my phone (iPhone 6s) at the same time of day. Sometimes the white on the trim and board and batten looks creamier in some photos than others, but it is a fresh bright white. the upper wall and ceiling is a bit warmer. All of our paint is from our local True Value hardware store. The paint guys are very knowledgeable, and they've been our trusted source for years.

So there you have the hall bath reveal. I'm loving it, and so does the family.

Now I'm dreaming of more board and batten walls, but my parents addition will take priority. Prayers appreciated for all the details to get figured out.


  1. Love the board and batten!! It takes this space to a new level of elegance! (I'm glad that you didn't update the shower curtain. It's one of the prettiest I've seen.)

    I really think the picket fence was a fabulous and charming idea for a bathroom used by several children. But, as you say, our houses evolve as our family changes and our tastes change.

    Wonderful job, Rabes!!

  2. It looks fabulous! Sort of Mapperton.

    The cottage fence look really is a cute idea and would solve lots of problems for families with young children.

  3. I love the new look - the board and batten really makes it sing!

  4. Fabulous!! What a beautiful room. That board and batten look great. Isn't it nice when your dreamy vision becomes a reality? Enjoy!

  5. I love the board and batten!

  6. I think you have arrived! You can stop now! LOVE it!!


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