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Friday, June 24, 2022

Information Friday


Hello Friends! As always there is so much going on. As the people awaken, the old guard is in a panic. They are desperately going to try to hold on to power, but do not fear, regardless of what they try. I truly believe our best days are yet to come!

Read more {here}.

This is so good! If I only could show you one thing today, this would be it! It's important to know that the United States is a Republic and not a Democracy and this video explains the difference!


This is in regard to the Supreme Court ruling on New York's stringent concealed carry law. Read more {here}. 

Republican lawmakers in my state are finally on the ball.

Globalists want you dependent on their food supply.  Here in the US we have had so many food processing plants burn, cattle have died, Bill Gates, who wants us to eat fake meat and bugs, owns the most farmland in the country.

Read more {here}.

JB wants to give us an 18 cent break on gas tax. That adds up to about $20 savings for the whole summer. Gee, how generous Joe!

For those who had the virus and now have natural immunity, more good news.

Have you noticed how many child p*rn and sexual assault arrests are being reported every day? Teachers, coaches, etc.

This is interesting. Watch{here}.

JB had a round table on Green Energy, and these are the notes he was given.

If he has to be told, and it has to be in ALL caps, then this man's dementia is advanced.

In RINO news - 
When you know your own party now sees what a despicable person you are, you turn to those you really align with. Read the article {here}.

I agree!

I've shared before the link to the NIH website and the links to their reports on Ivermectin and cancer. This week, I listened to an interview with Gregg Phillips (True the Vote) and Jon from Patel Patriot about Gregg healing his cancer with Fenbendazole. We used to alternate this dewormer with Ivermectin for our horses. They use it for dogs as well. You can watch the interview on Rumble {here}.

 Here is a bit of interest from Gregg's Truth Social page that started the whole discussion.

He mentions in the interview that their is a protocol online that he followed, that included Vit C and D, and zinc as well.

A guy I've followed for years on social media shared this two years ago.

I'm thinking that we are going to find out that we've been lied to about many things, including the fact that there are cures for cancer.

There is an interesting clip from Jon's first interview with Gregg where they were talking about tracking the ballot mules, and I recommend you watch it {here}. It's just over a minute long.

I love this group of women.  We went to tea yesterday morning and it was a great time of catching up on life. From the left are my Mom, my friend Katie, next to me is Jane, and then my friend Jennifer, whose daughter's wedding I did
 in May.

I'm still getting used to myself without glasses!

Also just heard that the court overturned Roe! Friends this does not eliminate abortion, is does send it back to the states where it has always belonged! 

However it's going to be ugly out there so be careful!


  1. Now that's a lot of news. I am encouraged by this morning's news. Praise God for it. We have extended family members who take every booster available and wonder why they are sick all.the.time. They and all their daughters and grandchildren. They say, "Thank God for the boosters or we'd be dead." You have to wonder what special kind of idiocy... 😵‍💫 Wake up, people!

  2. My comment is the same as always, THANK YOU for your blog, and thank you for posting the truth, and the many facts that we haven't heard before. I try to keep up with the "good" but you have the news, that I NEED to read!

  3. Thank you once again for your posts. So much we haven't heard in the "real" news. I appreciate all you share!!!!!!!!

  4. You do such an incredible job of reporting the news! Thank you and God bless you.


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