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Monday, June 27, 2022



It was hot this weekend. Swimming took place, so did work.

There was some work on the pool deck. The guys have had some issues with our high water table, and getting cement footers in. Tim finally bought concrete pills (premade concrete). We have to have that inspected before he can do anything else.

They also replaced the screening on our screen doors. 

One door he didn't work on because that screen door needs to be replaced. I don't know how old it is but we've had it for a long time. Even with a handy guy around the house, things eventually wear out.

Notice in the picture that Kyle noticed I was taking a photo. (grin)

We had church outside on again yesterday. It's the last one of summer at church. We will have an outdoor service in July for our baptism service. Our former pastor has a pond that they use for baptisms.

Klaire was sleepy at church yesterday, and she noticed that I took a photo, too! (grin)

Just a bit later she was out and Tim laid her down.

She eventually woke up and got to go play for a bit before we headed home.

Sarah was away this week for youth camp, she was a counselor, and arrived home last evening.

I hope your weekend was wonderful as well!


  1. Kyle's thought bubble, "Really?!" Your granddaughter's, "Look who has me." She sure looks cozy. Sam begins his summer job at the local grocery today. Time is moving on.

  2. I love that look on Kyle's face! That's worthy of a blog post on its own!!

  3. Giggling at Kyle's photo!! On my phone, I have a blue million shots of Bekah looking like a deer in headlights. :)

    There are always jobs to do, aren't there?

    We had a low key weekend which was unusual, but nice. Yesterday after church, the three of us used a Father's Day gift card at a sub shop, we took a drive, and then got delicious ice cream cones at a local shop. Then I came home and took a nap. (I should have taken a jog after all that, but I didn't.)


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