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Friday, November 18, 2022

information Friday


Autumn is on the wane here and next week is Thanksgiving. I find that many people are feeling bad about things but I want to encourage you. 

Information is being revealed and investigations are really taking place. It takes time for all the hidden corruption to come out, but it is coming. Brace yourselves, it's not going to be easy to accept.

Let's start here with this important story that came out this week. Money laundering 101.

Joe and the Dems trying to get more money laundered before the Republicans take over in January. Watch the money fly to Ukraine. This is criminal what they've been doing.

{Here}is an article about Bankman-Fried's family. These people are never random 'success' stories. They always have connections.

It's not just Dems who got money from FTX. McConnell did, too, and I am sure there are more Republicans who benefited. I did read that a Dem and a Rep who received money from FTX have donated the amount received to charity.

One of many reasons that Mitch should not be in the Senate or in the leadership. Let's see what happens.

Senator Hawley is right! 

They can hide the truth for a while but eventually it all comes out.

This case will be heard somewhere before November 2023. The wheels move slow, people. But this is a fascinating case!

Dems have all sorts of assets who run media agencies, etc. This guy is leaving one of them to start one that will try to counteract republican investigations. This means propaganda will be at an all time high! Learn to discern truth from propaganda!

In the last few years we've learned about false flags. What happened this week with the Russia bombing Poland story collapsing so quickly is evidence that it was a false flag. Of course, Ukraine, who really fired it, won't take responsibility and still blame Russia.

The reason for this false flag is that the deep state knew Trump was going to make an important announcement. They did not know what it was going to be though. There was so much feeling that it would be about corruption (which they know he has on them) that they fired a false flag to try to distract from Trump's announcement. By the end of the day and after Trump's announcement that he's running again, they had to come out and say, "Well, it looks like it wasn't Russia after all." 

This is why Trump strung them along for several days about having a big announcement. He got them to act out in someway that wakes people up. Try not to react to some of his statements etc, they are often not for us but for deep state actors. Like his statements about DeSantis.

Let's learn to discern and not react. This is what the deep state want. 

After this meeting is when they came out and started to say it wasn't Russia who fired the missile into Poland.

This is the way we take back our power. Not through violence, but through the vote. Keep voting. It matters.

Some interesting thoughts about what may be ahead for us. Trump mentioned that not everyone was awake enough to see the corruption yet. 

I hope you all have a good weekend. Be encouraged, friends. 

Walk with God, enjoy the beauty of this time of year, prepare your hearts to celebrate Thanksgiving. We truly have so much for which to be Thankful!

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  1. Thank you so much for all you do to get out these Friday posts. And, yes, I am encouraged. I always learn things I didn't know when I come here. Thank you.


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