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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tea on Tuesday

 I hosted a tea yesterday afternoon, for my mom, my friend Jennifer, and her mil and my friend Ruth.

I didn't get a photo of the table before we started but I made mini quiche, and homemade scones. We had shortbread cookies, and I made cream for the scones, and I used the lemon curd I purchased at Trader Joe's.

It was lovely.

As you can see, Jennifer's son and Kyle were playing Mario Kart in the living room. They did well to not be loud! LOL!

I used four small tea pots so we each had our own, and I also used some Johnson Brothers Old English Castles dishes. 

I played instrumental Christmas music in the background. After tea we sat in the living room (the boys went outside), and we visited. Our friend Denny, who knows our friends as well, arrived and we all had a good visit.

I've been wanting to do a Christmas tea for a few years and yesterday I finally did it!

I'm grateful for Kyle's help with finishing the Christmas decor, and taking the leaves out of the table, etc. He's a great young man.

Today, I'm going to hang the stockings, do school with the kids, and work on dehydrating orange slices.

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