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Monday, November 28, 2022



We had a lovely weekend. On Saturday we took Weston and Rachel to the airport, then drove around Philadelphia with Sarah, Annie, and Denny. Then we went to one of my favorite places for inspiration - Terrain.

Saturday was Denny's birthday, too, so we ate lunch at Terrain.

After Terrain, we went to Trader Joe's, then came home. I cut up some beef summer sausage, and made a board of meat, cheese, crackers and clementines. Then we played some Quiddler.


Now that Thanksgiving is over, I've brought out all my plaids, both in my home decor and in my wardrobe! 

We got our tree on Friday, and spent the weekend adding ornaments. I'm hosting a Christmas party in five days, so I'm working hard to have the house ready! I'm almost done. Just a few things to do.

Yesterday we had church, then came home for lunch. Kaidence has started to go to church with us, so after lunch she went home for a nap. Sarah and Annie went out, Sarah was meeting a friend at a cafe, and the afternoon was quiet.

We had good conversation with Sarah, on her last night here, and this morning they are on their way back to school, and Tim is off on a job.

We'll get school done this morning, then the girls will go home, 
as my friend Jennifer and her mother in law Ruth, who is also my friend, will be coming for Tea and conversation with me and my mom! I have mini quiches and I'm going to make some scones. I'll have cream, lemon curd, and jam for the scones, and I bought some shortbread cookies at Trader Joe's.

Jennifer is Kyle's friend Daniel's mom, so Daniel will be coming as well. I'm really looking forward to it.

I hope you had an excellent weekend. We've entered the advent season, and I'm looking forward to a focus on Jesus' coming. 

Here is a favorite Christmas Carol. 


  1. Your tree is beautiful! It looks as if everyone had a blessed weekend. Love the plaid in your decor and wardrobe. Quintessential Christmas!
    I no longer focus much on advent because Jesus is already here and He is not a baby. I still enjoy the Christmas season, though. Adam and Jake dragged in the trunk and the tree for me yesterday. The tree is taking a snooze on the sofa. I've got some cleaning on the trunk to do. Should keep me busy this week. You are always busy! 😁

  2. I always love your tree. It's perfect.

  3. Your Christmas tree is just beautiful festive! Sounds like you enjoyed some great family time!


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