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Monday, November 21, 2022


 It was cold here overnight! 20 degrees and it felt like a January or February night! I was happily tucked under my down alternative comforter and slept very well.

We had a puttering kind of weekend. I made Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice soup for dinner on Saturday, and put a roast into the crock pot Saturday night for Sunday lunch. I made fried potatoes to go with it and a salad.

I did small things, and I ordered a few shirts for Kyle, did some gift research, had conversations with my people.

Yesterday afternoon, I watched Nate and Kay's little girls for a few hours. Kaidence went to church with us yesterday, and they later brought Kennedy down to our place. Neither girl got their regular nap, and got pretty cranky. Kenni finally couldn't hold out any longer and fell asleep on my lap.

This week will be a short school week, just Monday and Tuesday. Sarah gets home tomorrow night, and I want to have my schedule free for the time she is home.

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? Oh, guess what? Tim had loaned an old trailer to our Amish neighbor who told him if he ever wanted to sell it let him know. So Tim made a deal with him for one of the organic turkeys, they raise and sell, and two pumpkin pies!

 I have the fresh turkey in my fridge and I'll be putting my turkey in the oven Wednesday evening. You can read {here}how to slow roast the best tasting turkey you'll ever eat! It makes the day a bit easier to have the star of the show already cooking away in the oven when you get up on Thanksgiving day!

I hope your weekends were nice, too! We got a light snow Friday night, but it didn't really lay here. 


  1. I love a puttering kind of weekend. It is refreshing, isn't it? Love the pic of your little grand asleep on your lap!
    I can hardly believe that it is Thanksgiving week! Fall went by in a blur!

  2. You look as if you could join Kennedy for a wee nap. Is there any bed more comfortable than a grandmother's lap? Sounds as if many things are being accomplished for the season. That was a very good trade methinks.

    There have been a few glitches here over the weekend. What else is new? 😏

    Yes, have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. 🦃

  3. We got a light snow, and being so cold, it is still with us. Looks pretty actually.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. How wonderful to have the fresh turkey and TWO pies!!! The next time I cook a turkey I am going to use your method. The first one I cooked was right after my first son was born - on November 24th of 1966 - which was Thanksgiving. I cooked the turkey after we came home from the hospital and had no idea what I was doing. I was only 18 and of course I totally overcooked it! This year his birthday falls on Thanksgiving so we will be happy to celebrate both!


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