A Bit Of Spring Cleaning In the Kitchen

We've had some spring cleaning going on here at the cottage. 

Saturday, Sarah washed all the baseboards in the main living areas, and Kyle wiped walls and doors.  

Monday, just Kyle and I were home and so I decided to do a bit of cleaning in the kitchen.  

In the kitchen by the stairs, my little red table was becoming a collecting spot for items that needed to go down to the basement.  It was also holding my plate rack and on the shelf in a basket I had  my Ninja blender and food processor bowls, blades, etc. 

By my kitchen door, and next to the stove is my oak cabinet that houses pantry items.  On top of this I had a soft black basket for bread and chips.  It just never looked nice, and it ended up with lots of napkins in there, as they would blow off of the top of the cabinet every time the kitchen door opened.

Also an area of bother for me is my long counter.  It usually has a computer on it, mail, cups, and all of the drink station items, like the Keurig, my electric kettle, tea basket and other containers of tea and hot chocolate!  

So today, I made some changes.  I moved the red table out to clean behind and underneath it.  While Kyle wiped the table down, I moved the Ninja things to my corner cupboard.  Then I took the basket those items were in and put the chips and bread into it.  It is a firm basket and looks much neater up on top of the oak cabinet.  I also moved the napkins to the top drawer of the cabinet.  

So far, so good!

Then, moved the drink station items and put them on the red table.  I was able to put all the random jars of tea into the soft basket on the shelf underneath the table and it all looks tidy and organized.  

I then put the plate rack on the long counter next to the mug holder and the tea pot and pitcher.

I'm happy with the way it turned out and it functions really well this way, too.

Are you working on spring cleaning projects?  Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. I love to find new ways to store things . . . ways that are neater and make better sense and make you say, "Why didn't I think of that before?!" It sounds like that is what you've done in the kitchen!

    The current project is clothes sorting. But the library is coming along. I can't wait to get my books unpacked and get all of that organized. It will make a huge difference!

  2. It is always a joy when a problem is solved. I have decided that I have way too much tolerance for things not functioning quite right because I can "put up with" things for months before they register. Sometimes it requires a photo for me to see the problem. I also like thinking about the spaces as prime real estate and some of it is being wasted. For example, I do not need a bread bowl on the counter any more. There is so little bread in the house these days that it can be kept in the freezer.

    Your solutions look good to me. I like your Keurig Corner with everything right there at hand. I had to give up a decorative corner for the Keurig. Function over cute was needed.

    Oh I do love that you had such great help in the kitchen. Do they enjoy the changes?

  3. You did good, I need to do the same. I did start Saturday, one room then 2 today and maybe tomorrow I can do more.

  4. Way to go. You are a head of me.
    First thing I spotted was your Polish Pottery!
    I have collected pieces for years. The colors, the shapes, the patterns, LOVE THEM.

  5. I *should* be doing some spring cleaning such as taking down curtains and running them through the dryer to remove dust, but other things have taken priority. We did go through our pantry recently and got rid of a lot of expired foods and old spices, so now we can actually find things! There will probably be some early summer cleaning here, though. As soon as the friend we have living here moves out (hopefully by June), we plan to move some rooms around! The craft room will go to the finished area in the basement (where our friend is living) and the current craft room on the first floor will become my granddaughter's playroom. She is here two days a week so it makes sense. The room we are using for her to play and sleep in - on the second floor - will go back to being a guest room and where she sleeps. It will be a lot of work, but well worth it. It will also be a good opportunity to sort through our many craft supplies (read: too many hobbies) and donate items we won't use. Sometime around then we have to have our roof replaced because of heavy damage during the March windstorm. I'm not looking forward to the noise, but not having to worry about more roof damage will be great.

  6. New little changes can make a BIG difference. If it looks good, you feel good! I love spring cleaning time too! Clean and ogranized...all fresh again!

  7. Isn't it a nice feeling when you change things up a bit? I'm all about it!

  8. Your changes are nice. After your last post I wanted to share with you another Blogger that lives in a "Double-wide" as she calls it. Here is her link:https://www.flatcreekfarmhouse.com/
    It's amazing what you can do with paint and a little bit of hard work!

  9. I love spring cleaning and we have taken it to whole new level around here! We are cleaning up the junky part of the yard!!!


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