Teen Capsule Wardrobe

Over the weekend Sarah and I went through her closet sorting through what fit, what was her style and colors, and what she wanted to keep.

You see, Sarah is the youngest of our four girls and over the years she has been the recipient of hand me downs.  Sometimes, she's been thrilled because she liked a sisters' style, other times she felt she had to take them when she really didn't care for an item.  She found that sometimes even though she liked a sisters' style, it wasn't her style, and so she had a lot of clothes in her closet that she hated and never wore.  By sorting through she passed two bags to friends, and some became rags.

On Monday, Sarah and I went out to do a bit of clothes shopping for her.  We are using a capsule wardrobe as a guideline, but not a hard and fast rule. 

She has decided on Navy Blue and Black as her neutrals and she has decided that she prefers muted colors over bright ones.  

We found her a dress that has black in it but also has some pinks in the pattern  It is very pretty on her.

She also found a casual shirt that she is loving to lounge in.

So now we only need to find, shirts - probably in navy and black, and a few muted colors.  She needs shorts, leggings, cropped pants, and a few dresses or skirts.

Have I mentioned she is particular and opininated? (smile)  We may have to go to the mall (gasp!) to find more options, or order online.

I'll post again on this topic as we complete her wardrobe.


  1. It is a rare teenage girl who is not opinionated about her clothes. It is such a good idea to have her discard the things that are not "her" (because she'll never wear them anyway) and focus on collecting pieces purposefully. (Those will be worn!)

    Have fun, Sarah!!

  2. Well, she is SO CUTE! I was the recipient of hand-me-downs growing up and it can be a blessing at times, sometimes not so much! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. she's darling ..
    love her choices! that dress would look great with a black cardigan. :)
    but...............the mall?! golly i haven't been to one of those in literally years. ♥

  4. It is wonderful that she will have a basic wardrobe in the things that she likes and has chosen herself. I despise shopping for clothes to this day because of my mother's opinion when I was a teen. It is a narrow little path you are walking. 😉 Keep having fun!

  5. What a good way to teach her a good life principle for her wardrobes of the future!


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