Friday, March 24, 2017

Needed: New Bedding

I bought my comforter set over 10 years ago, and I still love it.

Which is pretty surprising for me - the one who loves to change things up in the house! However the time has come to replace it.  It was worn thin in spots and has actually worn some holes in a few places.

Tim and I still like these colors together - the background on it is a pale gold, and the reverse side of the comforter is solid in the pale gold.  I've been looking for bedding online, and at stores and just haven't seen anything I like yet.

In light of the state of the world, a bedding set it truly 'first world problems' I know, and I hesitated to even post this.  But I was wondering if you have any recommendations for me.  Places you like to shop for bedding, online or in person.  Department stores?  Specialty shops?  

Help a girl, will you?


  1. I love those colours too. I could only give you English shops I'm afraid.

  2. Make frequent visits to the Homegoods store...quality bedding and good prices and selections. That's my suggestion. I have a comforter set that is 20 years old. I'm more inclined to think that it IS a third world blanket. In fact, I have seen better in the "third world." There's something comforting about a beaten up, well used, comforter, but it is time to turn another comforter into another well loved item without guilt. That's slewfoot's territory. 😝

  3. I haven't bought bedding in SO long! I believe the bedding I have was ordered on-line from Bed Bath and Beyond! Enjoy your day and I can't wait to see what you pic to replace it! HUGS!

  4. I have had success online recently. But I know it doesn't always arrive as it appears in the pictures so it's risky. I've also gotten one in Marshalls. I think looking online saves a lot of time driving to different stores. I certainly am not much help! But have a good weekend and I wish you success!

  5. My favorite shopping places are Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Target.

    Country Curtains has beautiful and high quality merchandise. I have purchased bedding and curtains from CC over the years and their products last forever! I purchased bed skirt for the girls' antique beds (they required a longer "drop" that I couldn't find in stores) and they looked new for years and years! The same with the muslin curtains that I had in all of my windows at The Farmhouse. They still looked good until the day that I took them down (because I was tired of the style, not because they were worn). The quilt that is on Bekah's bed right now is from CC. (Which reminds me . . . I still have not shared photos of Bek's room. Need to do that . . . )

    Happy shopping!

  6. Beautiful, easy to see why you wouldn't want to replace it. I have had the same bedding forever also. Happy hunting! ;)

  7. I'm SO out of it when it comes to shopping :)
    Will watch to see what others suggest and where you find your new bedding.

  8. Home Goods and Amazon are my go to places Deanna. I think your home lends itself beautifully to quilts..these colors should be easy to find. So warm and inviting! Best of luck shopping!

  9. I've purchased bedding at Bed, Bath and Beyond in the past and been happy with it.

  10. I left this comment on another of your posts before I read this, but try Ikea.
    Warmly, Gloria


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