Capsule Wardrobe

My friend Sherry has been talking about building a capsule wardrobe off and on for a few years.  This has intrigued me, because while I am on my weight loss journey, I have tended to do something similar.  I've called it my 'basic uniform.'  

Black or Navy as a neutral, and some color in a tshirt, blouse, or sweater.  This has worked pretty well for me and kept me from buying a lot of clothes while I am changing sizes.  

Yesterday, I read Sherry's lastest blog post, and she shared a link to a blog that has helped her to build her wardrobe - it's called The Vivienne Files.  She shares not only the basics of building a capsule wardrobe (it's amazing!), but she shares how to find color combinations based on art work!  Its the same principle in home decor - to find inspiration in art or a beautiful scarf and pull the colors from it to use in your home.  In this case it is to use to find the color combos to wear!  Genius!

I spent quite a bit of time there yesterday, and last night Lindsay was over and she, Rachel, Sarah, and I talked about it.  Then we started looking at Lindsay's colour board on Pinterest - mine is here.  And yes, we've spelled them the British way, cause we are nerdy like that.

Search color palate on pinterest and you get delicious photos of art, nature, etc, and the colors shown on a card from the photos.  Here is an example or three.

This is a great way to be inspired in combining colors, and as you can see there is always a neutral color but also you can use your neutrals and just add the colors that appeal to you.

I'm excited about this and am interested in what you think!  


  1. Awesome post and lots of help:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. 'basic uniform' ... yep! i have that uniform in practice. for years now. everything else is fluff. ;) the Viv files (as i now refer to it) is such a help and you're right about the same concept used in our homes. my mother taught me that long ago but it didn't register that it could be used for our wardrobes. amazing, huh? thanks for sharing about my little blog and current subject. blessings... sherry

  3. Too much trouble for me, though I believe that women could and should do better than I am doing, which is zip. Ha!

  4. Interesting! Thanks for the link. I think I dress like you do but a capsule wardrobe, more intentional choices, sounds good to me. I have a friend who always wears black, with various accessories. She looks good and no one thinks anything of it. If we saw her in color, we may be so shocked we would be speechless!


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