Home Keeping: Changing Things Up

 When Tim and I were in Florida, I went to a favorite store that I don't have anywhere near to me - World Market.

I found this great glass drying rack and decided it was just the thing for making our many mugs more accessible when we have guests and just for everyday use.

 We have the added benefit of freeing up some cupboard space and being able to see the pretty mugs on the counter!


  1. good choice. that looks really nice!

  2. What a great idea! A while back, I put a plate rack on my counter. It, too, saves some cupboard space. Wonder if I could find room for a mug rack???? With my father here, we use 3 in the morning for breakfast and two others for hot chocolate in the evening...

  3. very pretty collection of mugs...they're art...no need to hide them....

  4. Pretty. I love your mug collection. I am the same way I have just a few cupboards. Why not bring out pretty things to look at! I love World Market and Pier 1. I'd love for you to come over and
    link at the Fabulous Spring/East Party. This weeks linky is over here:

    Come over every week and join the party.
    Happy Spring

  5. We have World Markets here and I love them! They remind me of the Cost Plus stores in San Francisco!! I haven't seen these racks before and your pretty mugs derseve to be on display!!

  6. I love your new rack! And you already know that I love your Polish pottery mugs. My sister collects Polish pottery. It's so pretty!

  7. What a lovely collection of mugs - in my favourite colour - blue!

  8. The mugs are beautiful! How nice to display them so prettily and easily accessible!

  9. Of course I love all your blue mugs. I'd send you a world market if I could. I have probably three within 15 minutes from my house. :-/


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