The Horses In Springtime

These photos are from yesterday.  We had bright sunshine all day!  Today is partly cloudy, we will have strong thunderstorms tomorrow, so the clouds are probably ahead of that.  Either way, we are happy that spring has arrived.

Off to breakfast with Tim, then he goes to inspections and I'll go to co-op with the kids.  Its our last day for the school year, but a long one.  The kids have rehearsal for their concert right after co-op today.  I must remember a snack!

Have a good day friends!


  1. Are your thunderstorms connected to our predicted snowstorm for the northeast? I tell ya...I am in imminent danger of going around the bend if this weather keeps up. 😶

    Have a happy, busy day!

  2. I love it that you get to see such pretty scenery each and every day!! Remember that time you did the video while you were driving home? That really helped me 'see' where you live and the lay of thle and where you are!
    When we homeschooled - it was year round with Decenmber off. Probably not the best way to have done it...

  3. Beautiful! Hope you have a good day!

  4. Wow! When do you start back?

    We are about due for a break. Don't think I can wait until Easter. :)

  5. Love that view and your horses. Beautiful. I grew up with horses and I sure miss them.


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