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We've lived in our sweet cottage for 15 years.  Over the years we've painted and refreshed some of the spaces but one area has had the same wall color for about 12 years now is the living room and kitchen.  Its a lovely yellow - a Colonial Williamsburg color called 'Palace Chambers Yellow.'  I love it.  I really do.  

But I'm dreaming now of a change.  It started when a friend of ours gave Tim a bunch of tongue and groove boards.  We were going to use them in our stairway as bead board.  The stairway is an unsightly space in our home and needs something!

I've been seeing projects where the walls have had planking done on them, and its got my creative wheels turning.

Have you seen Melissa's small kitchen make-over at The Inspired Room?

This room is amazing!  I love so much about it.  But the planked walls make such a huge impact, don't they?

Joanna Gaines really got this trend going on their show "Fixer Upper."  Here are a few photos I found on Pinterest.

So, here is my kitchen (the only things that have changed up is the placement of items on the counters and above the cabinets)

The stairway is right behind this bank of cabinets, and that wall space is the biggest space where we will be planking.  I'm not removing any cabinets at all, at this time, so the planks we should have enough free planks to do the project.  If not Tim says they are available and inexpensive!  Music to my home project loving heart!

The walls and planking are going to be painted white - not sure of the shade of white yet, but we will go with a high quality paint.  This space is the main area of our home and gets plenty of traffic!

The living room, being open to the kitchen is going to be painted white too, and the hallway is going to be the same color!  This will be a huge change for us, but I'm ready for it!  

Now to reality.  Tim's busy season for work is here, and that means weekends for projects.  I think we can get it planked in a day, but the painting will take a few days.  This project may not get accomplished for a while but I'll be sure to keep you up to date when there is any progress.  I'm pretty excited about it!

I also want to share an inspiring blog post with you.  This gal is a military wife and has made over a rental house with paint!  Maggie Overby Studios.

Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. That is so exciting!! I know it's going to look great! Sometimes you just need a change to see everything else in a whole new light. You'll have great fun with this project.

    If I know you like I think I do, I am imagining that you'll rearrange some furniture in the process. :)

    Keep us posted!

  2. Planking is all the rage! I chuckle to think that I am ahead of the curve up here with my natural board planking...that I have always thought would be painted. Once John arrived....he had too much of an affinity for the wood to want to paint.

  3. I was not nearly finished when that comment flew off! Grrrr... 😉

    Melissa's kitchen is beautiful. May I send you a couple of more links of similar kitchens that I think you'd enjoy? Forget that, I'll just do it. It is wonderful to have a handy husband and, yes, planking does go up fast!

  4. I love it all. It will be exciting to see the changes.

  5. I saw a cute planking job on just one wall of a tiny bathroom. Really changed it all. I think it might have been on IG. It showed the whole process filmed, just speeded up. So you are going to change from the yellow? You may really like all the white, it certainly is popular right now. I think the planking will look great! Have fun!

  6. Your kitchen is similar to mine, and I also want to plank the walls! I wish I had a friend give me some free planks though - you are so lucky! We painted our entire house the same color white - Simply White by Benjamin Moore and I love how it looks. It is a creamy white, but doesn't look yellowish. We also did the trim the same color, only we used a semi-gloss for that. It really opens the whole house up and just flows so beautifully. I'm looking forward to seeing your rooms painted white too!
    Warmly, Gloria

  7. I love the look of planking. Can't wait to see the changes you have in store!


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