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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Flowers In January

Sometimes in mid January, when the temperatures have been COLD, and you have some patchy snow on the ground outside, sometimes you just need some flowers.

These Alstroemeria called my name in the grocery store.  They were buy one, get one free, so for $5.00 I have some long lasting beauty in the house.  I move them around.  First they were on the counter by the sink.  Then the long counter by the hallway.  Who knows where they will go next.  I like them to be where we all can enjoy them and be enriched by their beauty, or I'd put them next to my bed!

Have a happy day, friends!


podso said...

I like the new color in your bedroom. Yellow is such a hard color to choose and it looks like you made a good final choice. I'm sure it feels fresh and new and a nice change.

Vee said...

May they last a long time and bring a smile whenever you see them. Very pretty!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

These alstroemeria would have called to me too Deanna, a pretty colour and nice vase. As it was, when I shopped today a bunch of pink carnations came home with me.
Having flowers in the house is uplifting, especially in winter.

Lorrie said...

This makes me smile. I carry vases of flowers around the house, too. I like to see them wherever I am. Enjoy those pretty blossoms.


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