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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Home Keeping: Cleaning and Organizing

January seems to bring out the desire to organize and rearrange, and clean.  I think it is the idea of fresh beginnings.

Yesterday I used Apple Cider Vinegar to clean mildew off our bedroom window frames, and the bathroom window too.  It builds up quickly in the winter, but ACV kills it, quickly.

Then I decided to sort through my jewelry box.  I have a lot of costume jewelry, since we owned a women's accessories store, and the jewelry box is really too small for what I have.  The drawers look much better, but I need something different for earrings, as I usually have to dump the whole small drawer out, in order to find the ones I want.  I may need to get one of the plastic bins with all the small dividers.  It wouldn't be as pretty, but I could keep it in the closet and if it made it easier to find the earrings I want, it would be worth it!

Then I started on my desk drawer.  Sigh.  I didn't get finished with this project before I had to start dinner.  I'll work on it today too, and then it will be much neater and organized.  Right now my desk looks like this.

The book wasn't in the drawer but I piled drawer stuff on top of the desk as I sorted.  Being real here!

Let me show you what I did to corral all the throw blankets we have around the cottage.

I used this great old crate, and I rolled up the blankets and stuck them in it.  This way they are not on the floor left hanging off a chair looking messy, but they are easily accessible for using!

One last truth photo.  The artwork for our bedroom - still unhung.

Ah, well.  It will get done, hopefully this week!

What are you working on at your home?  Any organizing, sorting, cleaning?


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My desk looks a lot like yours right now. I have everything out that needs to be filed away in between all the other stuff that needs to be done like cooking and dishes.

Vee said...

One more try and then I am outta here! =D

You got a lot accomplished! The jewelry sorting would be the big challenge for me. Today, I swept down cobwebs gathering over our heads. I put a clean pillowcase over my broom and had at it. The pillowcase is going to require soaking!

Rebecca said...

Yes, yes and yes (organizing, sorting, cleaning)! I have a l-o-n-g way to go but it's a good feeling to have begun! I'm a bit overwhelmed by a few of the tasks - jewelry being on for me, too, Vee....

podso said...

you are making progress!

Cheryl said...

Oh, I need to follow your lead and start organizing! I love organizing, but this January has started off busy and I have not tended the house as I would like.

It feels so good to accomplish these things, doesn't it?

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I wait until late March to do a thorough spring cleaning because we get so much dust from the furnace.
As for earrings, what you're thinking about is what I did a few years ago. A plastic container with all the small sections to hold earrings and matching necklace if applicable. It sits in the top drawer of my lingerie chest. Doesn't that sound elegant? Ha, a small dresser that perhaps was made for under garments as the drawers are not very big and confiscated when we cleaned out my late parents' house.

sherry said...

{{{{{{{{{...i'm so thankful you're real...}}}}}}}}}


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