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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Home Keeping: My Own Schedule

I was thinking today of how blessed I am to be in charge of my own schedule.

When we owned our store a few years ago, I was not in control of the schedule.  The store had to have someone it in during the hours we were opened and if a girl couldn't be in there, I was, as well as on my regular day.  I liked the store and loved meeting customers but I missed being in my home.

At home I can order my days to suit my family, and our schedule.  I can let the kids sleep in if we had a late night, I can hang out in my pajamas for a few hours while I check email and read blogs, and Facebook in the mornings.  

I decide whether I'll read in an afternoon or do some sewing or knitting.  I like deciding how to rearrange the furniture and what I am going to put on my big shelf.  

I like listening to my children practice their instruments - cello, piano and now a new recorder player.  I like having my Mom visit us on Tuesdays, and I like it when she and my Dad stay for dinner and games, like they did last night.

One day I'd like to have a business again, but I've learned that I would like to work from my home base, not do retail again.

What about you?  Do you like being at home?  Do you love working outside the home?  Do you work from home?  

I see all work as a blessing. After all God put Adam and Eve in a perfect Garden and put them to work.  Work is not a result of the curse! 


  1. for the most part i'm a stay at home wife. with no children at home i could have easily gone back into the work force.. instead, i work at an old town antique shop a few days a month which satisfies my "getting out there-ness." i truly love being home though .. with my own goings-on, time with my precious pooch, working on projects (sewing or restoring a vintage trailer), preparing a meal for my husband, extended coffee time early early in the morning, lunch with a friend, etc. i'm a homebody. and i love it.

  2. Well... I worked for 30 years and found something to love about all of those years! I didn't like the traffic but loved the people I worked with! Now, being retired for 13 years... I love being home AND I am thankful that I worked those 30 years and can enjoy retirement! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Between my knee surgery and the bronchitis, etc I have been home a LOT the past three months and I have been totally content. I l o v e being home.

  4. I work part time as a teacher on call. I get ready every morning for work, but when I don't get called, I love having the day to organize on my own. There's always something that needs attention, or a creative pursuit, or .....


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