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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Home Keeping: The Final Color

 So here we were with the first color Saturday night.  The light is the overhead fan light.  Very bright!  Too much for a soothing, but warm toned bedroom.

 Here is the final color this morning in natural light.  The room isn't fully put back together and we are giving the walls a few days to cure before we hang pictures back up!  This holder on my desk needs to be sorted out in the worst way!

 I like the color with the white trim as contrast.

 I turned the bedside lamps on, but you can see the natural light coming in the front windows and the side window, early this morning.  This was after I remade the bed and moved it and the dresser, and side table back in place from the middle of the room.

 The light in the room makes the color change a bit.  This is again the wall behind my desk.  It looks a lot deeper than the first photo of the desk area.

The light from the lamp makes the color deeper too.

We ended up having a gallon of the right color and a gallon of the living room color which were very close in color, so we mixed them together.  It is not the same color as my old bedroom, but I am satisfied with it, and like the warmth it brings, while being a soft color.

I'll show more photos after it is put back together with pictures, shelves, and curtains.  


  1. Love the final color with the bedding! Enjoy! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  2. It looks lovely, Deanna! So warm and comforting, soft and restful. That was a great idea to combine the two colors. Just be sure to paint something portable (scrap of wood or a paint stirrer?) in that color so that you can have it color-matched if you ever want more.

    Hooray for a completed project! :)

  3. What a beautiful color...a warm buttery yellow. Gorgeous with the bedding! Thanks for sharing..I'm anxious to get started on my own painting! Blessings!

  4. It's warm and welcoming - just what you want after a long day. Isn't it amazing how much difference the light makes? Enjoy your "new" room.

  5. This is just GORGEOUS Deanna! I love it! It's warm and comforting! I know you are going to enjoy this for a wonderful change...imagine spring, summer and autumn...perfect!!!

  6. Ohhhh, now that is quite a difference. I love red and yellow in combination...looks just wonderful to me!


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