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Friday, January 16, 2015

Weight Loss Update

My last update was on December 15th.  I was at 27 pounds lost.  By Christmas I had hit 32 pounds lost!

Since then I have basically been maintaining that number and not by choice.  I had dipped down into 33 pounds lost, but it went back up to 32 and has bounced between that and 31 pounds lost for the last three weeks.  


I have been eating on plan, chose to not eat on plan on my anniversary (but that was only one meal!).  I have eaten a few crossovers, but not every meal, so I should still be losing, but I am not.

I have lost a few more inches though.  I'm trying to incorporate exercise now, and that may help.

I am planning to eat this way for live, but when you have significant weight to lose, like I do, you don't want to have long plateaus of no loss.

So there you have it.  I had hoped to be at 50 pounds lost by now, but I'm not.  However, last year at this time I had no hope that I would ever lose anything at all.  This 32 pound loss has given me hope, that I can lose what I need to lose, and then maintain it!


  1. I believe your body is at work adjusting to your already impressive weight loss. Hoping you begin to see the pounds come off again soon... for your encouragement. You already look great!

  2. Congratulations Deanna, you're doing great. Don't they say that weight lost slowly will stay off?
    Stick to your life plan and I'm sure you'll see more results!

  3. Plateaus are not pleasant. Just don't get discouraged. It will start to leave again and soon you'll be reporting back with more good news. (Gee, I had always heard that eating a "normal" meal was a good strategy for plateaus. Frustrating!)

  4. Way to go Deanna! You will get there and exercise WILL help. It's not an easy road but it can be done...a friend is celebrating her weight loss today - 182.2 pounds over 2 years, done the healthy way, eating right and exercise! Keep it up!!

  5. Deanna, you can do it! It took me over a year to lose 30 lbs., so I think you're doing great! It's been a year now that I've maintained it and it hasn't been difficult to maintain due to losing it slowly. You'll be losing again before very long. And you're right...exercise will definitely bring more weight loss, along with more energy. Way to go!!

  6. Look how far you've come!!!!
    You're right. Long plateaus are NOT fun.
    Some have said that with exercise you begin to build muscle - which at first may translate into weight. If you're doing everything else "right", just keep it up (and maybe stay off the scale for a couple of weeks)
    Never give up!

  7. You have a lot to be proud of. Don't give up. If you start exercising you may not see pounds at first but you will look thinner and "firmer"--from what I've experienced anyway!

  8. Oh GIRL... that is AWESOME! I have always been told that when you exercise, you gain muscle which weighs more! Go by the inches and keep it up, I am VERY proud of you! HUGS!

  9. Deanna, I so admire you for your lifestyle change! That certainly is the best way to accomplish lasting results. Keep on'll get there. Slow and steady wins the race!

  10. Your body has a set point that it had been at and when you lose it is constantly trying to get back to that set point. It will take time for your body to recognize your new set point. That's where I'm at now myself. It will happen, don't be discouraged! You've come so far so quickly!


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