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Monday, January 12, 2015

Home Keeping: Bedroom Project

So, I was really surprised when Tim said he planned to paint our bedroom Saturday.

We already had purchased the paint in the spring but never got to this project!  Saturday being cold and windy was the perfect day for painting.  Usually I do the painting as Tim doesn't like to do it, but he is very meticulous and does a great job.

We moved all the furniture to the middle of our large room, and I took everything off the walls.  Tim decided to fill in all the nail holes from over the last 13 years, so we could start fresh.  Then he started with the ceiling, while the kids and I made a library run. Our local library has a great used bookstore that benefits the library.  We scored big time there.  I'm much happier supporting the library through the bookstore than through paying late fines!

I was Tim's gopher for the day, so I took a quick trip to our local hardware for more of the ceiling color.  There was just a small section left to paint, and he was out of Antique White.  When I returned he had started to cut in the wall color.   When that was done and he started to roll the color on, we both thought the color didn't look right.  A bit too bright, than the more aged goldish color.  I looked at my paint samples, compare them with our old bedroom wall color and realized I had purchased the wrong color back in the spring!  ARGGGH.  That's what I get for collecting so many yellow samples from the Colonial Williamsburg collection.  When I went to purchase the paint, I grabbed the wrong card!  I purchased CW 318 instead of CW 319.

All is not lost yet, however.  We bought the paint/primer all in one so we now have a nice, cheerful yellow to paint over, rather than the blue that had been on the walls.  And we do have a gallon of the right color because, during a previous paint sale, I had purchased a gallon to freshen up our old bedroom walls.  We put this project off because, we had decided that after Lindsay got married we would switch bedrooms around, and that Rachel and Sarah would want a different color in that room.

So, when Tim gets home today, he will roll that gallon on over the brighter yellow, and if we need more, we'll grab another gallon of the right color and finish it up!  The CW 318 is a pretty color, very sunny and cheery, but not the color we wanted for our bedroom.

Stay tuned for our continuing saga!  

It's icy here this morning.  Hope you are all safe and warm.  I'm headed out to feed horses and let the chickens roam if they want.  What are you up to today?


  1. Oh what a saga. It is quite bright and cheery, but photos don't always tell the true story. As you say, the walls are primed!

  2. Looks like bright sunshine in your bedroom! Have a blessed day! It is rainy and chilly here this morning! HUGS!

  3. Oh how frustrating to have picked up one in the wrong color. Since I love yellow, it looks like a fresh summer morn to me, but perhaps not quite the right shade for a bedroom. All the best doing the next color. Tim really does do a fantastic job!


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