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Monday, January 26, 2015

Home Keeping: January Shelf

This enormous shelf over the stairs to the basement is a challenging one to decorate. 

 First, it is the only thing on this big empty wall.  Second, the stairs are literally right below the stairs with just a little ledge, so this makes putting things on the shelf difficult.

I wanted something different for January, so I polished up the silver pieces I have and used them for some sparkle.  

 The mantle clock is an old anniversary gift we gave ourselves.  It doesn't work anymore but we may get it fixed.  I am seriously thinking of painting the wood black.  I think it would look so much better in the house.

 Tim got me the creamer and the sugar bowl and tray for Christmas!   They were badly tarnished but a little elbow grease and Cape Code Polishing Cloths and they look great!

This little silver cup was my Dad's baby cup.  It's really cute, and neat to have not only my new to me family "heirlooms," but a piece that truly is a family heirloom!

Are you doing any rearranging in your house during these cold winter months?  I find it the perfect time to work indoors, de-cluttering, moving furniture, reading a book, knitting, baking. What are you up to these days? 


  1. Love the silver!!! I'm focusing on completing a few projects and downsizing our junk.

  2. That's a lovely winter look...sparkly and yet cozy, with an heirloom or two thrown in for good measure!!

  3. You've done well to get all that arranged so nicely if you can barely reach it, or at a risk anyway. It does look lovely and like winter, as Cheryl says. The silver is a nice touch. I'm wondering how you are hiding the cord for that tree to be lit! Looks great!

  4. How wonderful that you have your dad's silver baby cup! I like the look of the shelf. So pretty. I have done NOTHING to rearrange anything except finally taking the tree down from the living room. I still have the tree on the front porch and it's still lit every night. I wonder when the neighbors will stop in and ask about it. LOL I like the idea of the family heirlooms. You've inspired me. I hope the inspiration will last past the time when I push myself away from my desk! :-)

  5. I think the arrangement is perfect for January Deanna! The perfect touch is the little tree among all of this lovely vintage silver! Great job and such an enjoyable post!


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