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Friday, January 9, 2015

One Last Family Dinner

Last night we went to Tim's brother's home for a family dinner with Grammy.  She leaves today, heading back to Florida.  She has enjoyed being in the middle of lots of grandkids and activities.  We have been so blessed by her life.  At 93 she is cheerful, content, easy to have around, and loves to play games!

The only one missing was Emma, but we FaceTimed with her so she could be a part of it!

This morning we are off to a small cello performance by Rachel at her teacher's home.

Stay warm!


Vee said...

Your precious mother-in-law shows us how it is done with grace! Love that. I am sure that she has a wonderful family that gives her reason to smile and be content, but most of all, she is walking with The Lord.

Farrah said...

I like your new background.

podso said...

How wonderful Tim's mom is able to travel up to see you. You are collecting special memories. My dad played the cello, and so did I for a year or two in school.

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