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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Home, With Some Thoughts On Family, Traffic, and Advent

There were many emotions in play this last week.

Tim's mom is 95 years old and has a form of dementia.  She has always had a servants heart, and is easy to be around.  She never 'needs' anything.  A born extrovert/sanguine personality, she loves having us and our busy family around.

It was hard to leave her, since we know that at her age and with her having had several mini strokes, this could be the last time that we see her here on earth.

But we have hope - the knowing - that she, as a child of God, will be with the Lord in an instant, when He calls her home.  There is great peace in that knowledge.

When you are on a trip with a lot of people and staying together, and having other family and friends join you during the week, the opportunity to annoy one another is great!  

But you know what?  Life is messy, but real love keeps diving in to forgive, and care, and forgive some more.  We all need that at all times.

I am thankful that my parents and Nate and Kay and the girls were able to go with us on this trip.  It was one for the memory bank.  Time with four generations, cousins, friends who are family.

I'm grateful.

We hit some crazy traffic today.  It made people tense, it made a long day, longer.  But as we drove the last 45 minutes home, we listened to Chris Tomlin's Christmas album "Adore" and we sang along.  And in the dark car driving along the back roads, I heard the voices of my children and my granddaughter singing along, and praising God for His unspeakable gift to us, and I rejoiced.

All of the stress of the trip and the traffic, just melted away.

In this season of Advent - remembering His coming - I am glad to orient my heart on Him.


  1. Oh, Deanna. What beautiful reflections on the joys and challenges of a holiday away from home and way too many miles in the van. Isn't God good to give you the gift of music/love/joy/gratitude as the trip came to a close? It warms my heart too!

  2. It is good knowing that you are all safely home with a minimum of messy. Now get some rest!

  3. Well that sounds like a fun trip...not quite "over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go"...but fun, no less! We haven't traveled for several years on Thanksgiving but we used to all the time...and I do remember that traffic!! It's hard when those we love, especially the ones up in years, get to that place in life. We just have to cling to the memories that we have which live on in our hearts. Have a great week!

  4. Ahhhhhh. Glad you're home safely with honest, tender and precious memories. I can kind of imagine the range of emotions you may be feeling...

  5. Glad you're safely arrived at home after your trip. Orienting the heart - yes, that's what Advent is all about. It does take intention.


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