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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Trees Were At Peak In Our Area This Week

It seems as if the leaves changed color a bit late this year, or at least the trees that turn red and orangey red.  We had quite a bit of gold a few weeks ago and no red.  Then during this last week the big change happened.

I showed you my trees on Monday - here's a glimpse of them again

Funny thing is, they started to really change last weekend and this is how they looked at the beginning of the week.  

Here is what they look like now

Most of the color you see with this one is from our neighbors' oak tree across the road.  Which is another interesting thing - that oak is beautiful this year, usually it just turns brown and drops leaves.

Its sad how quickly they changed and dropped but I really enjoyed them this week!

I thought you might like to see a bit of the area where I live.  

IMG 2905 from Deanna Rabe on Vimeo.

I find it interesting watching this video, because I was not looking at my phone while videoing, I was watching the road carefully.  Such a weird perspective as it feels as if I must have turned my head etc, but I did not, so rest easy.

Have a happy weekend!


podso said...

It does seem that the leaves all of a sudden drop all at once. We have cooler weather and lots of color now but soon the leaves will fly away especially if we continue to have windy days. Enjoyed a glimpse of the beautiful farm land where you live.

Linda said...

I really enjoyed seeing the fall color and the area where you live! SO scenic!!! The video was relaxing - like going for a drive in the country with YOU! You forgot to add your voice!

Samuel & Lois said...

I LOVED that video! You made me homesick....I'm a PA girl at heart, but live in MS now. You passed a tractor with steel wheels (Old Order Mennonite) and a one-room school. Really makes me wonder what part of Lancaster you live in. I have relatives in the Denver/Bowmansville area, but am familiar with the range from Ephrata to Intercourse. Such beautiful areas. My family lives in the Reading/Fleetwood area, Berks County. Thanks again!!

Sylvia said...

I enjoyed the ride and seeing your part of the country. The trees behind your house are pretty with color.

Vee said...

That was a fun video, but I am wondering how you managed it. At least, we all know how ti find our way to your house now. LOL!

The trouble with peak color is that it just doesn't last. I wish the oaks here turned anything but brown.

Cheryl said...

Our leaves seemed totally green for so long, and then they suddenly seemed to burst with color! I am soaking it in!!


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