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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Polishing The Silver

I loved reading your comments on yesterday's post!  I forgot to mention in that post, that four days after we return from Florida, I have our annual Ladies Tea at church that I am responsible for!  I am definitely going to do my decorating the week before we leave.  We always do a live tree so we won't get that until after we return, but my garlands, wreaths and other special items will be in place, so when we return we come home ready to enjoy the season to the fullest!

As part of that I like to have my collected silver pieces looking their best, I love the way they look with garland and lights and ribbon around them on the mantel and shelves.  They really sparkle.  
So yesterday, in the late afternoon I decided to polish my silver.

 They were pretty tarnished, but I was out of my favorite polish, so I had not cleaned them for some time.

 This piece of silver plate (which all my stuff is) still had the sticker on it from the store I bought it from.  It needed Goo Gone to get it off!

 But I love the way it all looks when it is clean and shiny!

 Look at the difference between a polished piece and an unpolished piece!

This is what I use to clean my silver.

Here is the way it looks in the beautiful morning light on the mantel.  So pretty!

I have a few more pieces to do then it's all ready for the holidays.  Do you collect silver pieces?  Do you use them or have them displayed?  Have you inherited pieces or are you like me and are collecting your own to pass on to your kids?

Joining the fun at Thoughts of Home on Thursday!


Sylvia said...

I have a few pieces and they sure do need polishing. I display mine, don't use them. Yours is so pretty sitting there all dressed to show.

Vee said...

I have some silver pieces. I do not purposely collect them; however, they seem to find me. The most recent is the silver anniversary urn from my great-great grandparents. They'd probably be amused to know that it is on display in my home all these years later. Good thing that I don't mind the tarnished look, up to a point. Is your cleaner considered safer for the pieces? Do you ever use the quick method with aluminum foil, salt, and baking soda?

Your pieces are beautiful! I know they add sparkle and shine and will reflect the Christmas lights wonderfully.

Beaufort Belle said...

I definitely need to polish by silver pieces!! And I plan to collect lots more!

Tammy said...

I have my granny's silver set (pitcher, sugar bowl w/lid and creamer (no lid)) that came from Germany, I think. My Aunt Betty brought it back when she and her husband were stationed there during/after WWII. I also have the silver tray they set on. Homes always look better with a mix of old and new stuff, IMO. Happy Fall!

Tammy said...

Also, I only display them. We're not big (hot) tea drinkers here. :D

podso said...

I have some that I got for wedding presents that I rarely use. Silver was not "in" for some years and I didn't have use for it. Some of the serving pieces are large and really not practical. I have the same water pitcher that you were taking the sticker off of. I do use that and got it for a wedding present so yours is almost an antique! I do have some bits and pieces now that I've found at GW that I enjoy using for accents, etc. Yours looks all ready for the party.

Sandi said...

Beautiful. Deanna! It's like restoring yesterday.

Theresa said...

Mine needs polishing too, wanna help me? Enjoy your day with your shiny silver pieces, they are gorgeous! HUGS!

Miss Dishywoo said...

Your silver pieces are beautiful. I love how you are collecting them piece by piece; it seems to make them more of a treasure. This brought back memories for me. My mom made it a yearly thing to polish all her silver pieces before the holidays and I was recruited to help!

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