Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trim Healthy Mama Update

I saw my primary care doctor today for a pre-surgery check up.  You may or may not know that I have a cataract on my right eye, and I am having surgery in early December to replace the lens.  I can't wait to see better, and for reading to become less of an issue!

My doctor was very pleased - really, really pleased at my weight loss.  She had never heard of Trim Healthy Mama but wrote it down, to look into it.  

I am happy with my weight loss too, and they way that I feel.  I am healthier and that is a great thing.

The great thing about this eating plan is that I am never deprived.  From ice cream to other treats, to great meals I am spoiled.  It does require some thinking about whether I am going to have a meal with fats as the main thing or if I am going to have a carb meal.  It means that I have to cook, or prepare food ahead.

This can be challenging at times, but today I found a treat that I can have that doesn't require me to prepare.

This deliciousness is ice cream.  It is sweetened with erithrytol, instead of sugar and this flavor has a bit of sugar in the chocolate chips that are in it.  But there are few chips in it and I'm only eating a half a cup as a serving.  I can't wait to try other flavors! (this is a pricey treat, so it will remain just that, a treat!)

My weight hasn't changed much in a year, but I am in smaller clothes.  My doctor encouraged me to start to exercise, now.  I need to do this on a consistent basis.

I am committed to this way of eating for life!  

I have many friends who are doing this eating plan as well, and are getting healthier, and losing weight.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


  1. Yeah for you! So exciting when you can find a diet lifestyle that works for you, and that ice cream sounds awesome! :)

  2. Except for hearing about it from you, I'm not familiar with that plan either....Isn't it great to find something that "works" for YOU?!? I continue on Fast-5 which also allows me to eat "anything" I want. I find my "wanter" has changed and my appetite diminished. Your treat sounds great (although I'm not familiar with that sweetener). Keep on keeping on!

  3. Good for you girl! Enjoy that ice cream:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Isn't it nice to find a "treat" that you can enjoy?! I am so impressed with your progress on the THM plan!

  5. You are looking great! Fun to find something yummy to enjoy. Wish that I could enjoy the artificial sugars, but all those ending in "tol" are off-limits for me. Guess that I would really have to do some planning.

  6. AYYYYYYYAaaaaHHH! (That is an excited cheer for Halo Top. Love that stuff!)

  7. You're an inspiration Deanna and I'm glad you have found an ice cream that fits your healthy lifestyle. It is bread I need to let go of...:-(

  8. you look gorgeous, my dear.
    going to check out that ice cream..
    what's the consistency? icy or smooth?


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