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Monday, November 14, 2016

Scotty Dog Garland

This project turned out to be so fun and easy!

I simply used the cookie cutter I purchased last year, when I made scotty dog shortbread cookies for our tea.  I traced around it onto plaid scrapbook paper.  I bought a huge pack from Hobby Lobby several weeks ago.  I used four different patterns and put a different plaid on the front and on the back.

This made them a bit heavy on the baker's twine so in the photos you can see a bit of tape on the twine here and there.  You cannot see it in person. (I used low temp hot glue to attach them to the twine)

 Right now they are hanging under our stairway shelf but I may move them to the hallway.

I want them to be where I can see them because they make me smile!

If you make a Scotty Dog garland, let me know!


  1. Darling!! And very "Deanna"!! ♥

  2. Those are adorable! You're very talented, my friend. I think they would also be adorable made up into fabric coasters with a bit of quilting between the layers. Yup. You are giving me ideas. Off to look for a pattern.

  3. Deanna, what a cute project and so creative. I wouldn't have ever thought of using a cookie cutter for a pattern! Happy Monday!

  4. On a completely different note...I saw that Karen @momentswithmotherculture was speaking at your Christmas Tea and invited ladies that live close to you. If it were not for Christmas Choir practice I would have loved to come...looks so interesting!


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