Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekend This and That

We've had the most amazing autumn weather.  November which is usually gloomy and cloudy has been mostly sunshine and blue skies!  It's cold overnight (but not winter cold yet) and mild during the day.  Delightful, I say.

The other evening I popped out at about 5:30 pm to take a few photos.

These leaves are from our neighbors' beautiful, huge oak tree.  Millions of leaves end up in our yard and around the house.  They eventually blow back in to the pasture then into the woods.  Sometimes they end up under the snow.

I was inspired by something I saw online and just had to give this a try!  I used my Scottish Terrier cookie cutter to trace on scrapbook paper.  I made them double sided and ended up with four plaid patterns.  I glued them onto baker's twine and hung them up!  I'll try to get a good photo tomorrow!  It turned out super cute!

Friday afternoon, I cleaned out my kitchen pantry cupboard.

It was a mess, but now is nice and tidy.  I need to tidy the basement pantry shelves too, and take stock of what's in the freezer.

 I stopped by a discount store (Ollie's - Good Stuff Cheap!) and found these great copper nesting bowls.  I never have enough bowls.  Does that happen to you?

Emma and Vinnie's friend and neighbor at their school is a professional photographer and takes great photos.  This photo of Isla was not from a photo shoot but just a spontaneous capture of this sweet girls' smile!  

Sarah had a contact dermatitis rash and a few days of benadryl and cortisone didn't help, so off we went to the doctor today.  After we picked up her prescription, we took all the autumn decor down and did this to the mantel!

We are loving it!

Hope you have a great Sunday.  


  1. Those Scotties are super cute! I'll have to remember this for my own paper craft idea!

  2. You've been busy. A very nice post. I love seeing everyone's decorations!
    Have a good week.


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