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Thursday, November 10, 2016

White Lights Verses Color Lights

When I was growing up, the only option for lights for your Christmas tree were the large color lights.

Remember these?

We used to go to Disneyland when I was a kid and I always loved the white lights they had strung in the trees.  At night it was always magical.

Once the white lights (faerie lights) were available, I've only used these on our trees at Christmas.  We love the beautiful glow.  My brother's family has always used colored lights on their trees and it always looks so pretty!

Here at the Cottage I enjoy a the best of both worlds now, because Kyle loves colored lights on his little tree in his room!

He set his tree up the other day, and took these photos for me.

He's sentimental by nature and is very happy that I let him put his tree up early.

What kind of lights do you use at your house?  White, colored, or a bit of both?


  1. white!!! though one year i relented and used colored.
    and while it was beautiful (as the lights in your
    son's room are..) it didn't speak deep like the white
    lights. silly huh? ;)

  2. White versus colored lights...the old divider of families. =D John was firmly in the same camp as Kyle; I am of the white light variety. This year, I will definitely have some colored lights somewhere in honor of John. He also loved his little tree with his special lights. Kyle's tree is wonderful. He will enjoy it all season through...

  3. I just have never been able to decide. I just love both! Little white lights are so very festive, but I can say, that when everyone in Maine decorated their homes outside, colored lights were stunning through the snow! The winters are so very long and I think it helped keep everyone happy!

  4. Those were the lights I grew up with, and I love bubble lights too. They evoke coziness for sure. I'm more into white lights now, but just came home from buying some tiny battery operated lights that are wonderful. One string is colored and I may try it on a front door wreath. Love lots of lights around at Christmas -- either kind.

  5. Sometime in the past 20 years - that's my best guess - I switched to all white lights. I love them.

  6. Here, it is white all the way!! But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate colored lights elsewhere. Like you, I grew up with those big colored lights and they are so nostalgic!

  7. P.S. And I love that Kyle is sentimental and enjoys his own decorations!

  8. I grew up with coloured lights, then my mother moved to blue lights. We had coloured lights for a few years after we married, then I changed them all over to white lights. I love that look. How Kyle must enjoy his own little tree.


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