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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Binge Watching

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Season 2 of The Crown.  Having followed the Royal Family over the years, I am fascinated with this series.  It's an original series on Netflix and its very good.

I will be wrapping gifts later, and making a list of what's still needed.  I have to think through events - Tim and I are going with Rachel to her Chick-fil-A Christmas party tomorrow afternoon, I'm trying to find a day to go visit Cheryl at the Pineapple House, and Tim and I are talking about what we are going to do to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on January 2nd.  Christmas Eve, being a Sunday, is full of church and our Christmas Eve service, but it's also Tim's birthday and we have our traditions.  Lots to decide.

It has just begun to snow here!  The roads are supposed to stay clear, and we are not expecting very much snow, but its so pretty coming down!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Updated to say that Episode 7 had content that I skipped through and if you have VidAngel you'll want to use it to filter that episode!


  1. The Crown is a great series and isn't the actress who plays the Queen ideal for the role? In the next season she will be replaced by another actress playing an older queen, I hope she is as well cast.

  2. As a Brit I love all things Im loving this series. They play the parts so well.. except I still cant get the fact that Matt Smith was also Dr Who!
    Please send us some snow...we have to go up the mountains to get some here in California..and there's not a speck up there yet
    Have a great weekend
    Phoebe x

  3. I have to check this show out. I'm not a big tv watcher, but every now and then it's fun to have something entertaining on while I'm crafting. We got snow...and it shut a lot of our town down. That's ok, we lit the fire and got Christmas cozy!!

  4. * i read a blip about that episode and we plan to skip through it fast.

    * recently we watched a documentary about the former king david's nazi dealings and the episode in the crown actually shared more detailed information. shocking and despicable were his and his spouse's close relationship to hitler and the plan to destroy britain and innocent lives. all for greed and narcissism. my goodness ... :(

  5. I hope we're able to coordinate a visit!! December is such a busy month! Good-busy, but busy nonetheless.

    We enjoyed Season 1 of The Crown and have begun the second season. Thanks for the heads-up about Episode 7!


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