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Sunday, December 10, 2017

How I'm Wrapping Our Gifts This Year

I've been on a plaid kick for several years now and even though I have some rolls of red plaid paper, when I saw these cute plaid deer and snowflakes on this brown paper and then a coordinating plaid paper at Christmas Tree Shops, I snatched them up right away!

 Last night I dug through my stash and found a big roll of wire edged 'burlap' ribbon, that I think looks great with the wrapping paper.

This brighter red plaid ribbon doesn't quite match but it works anyway, and the gift tag I bought at Target in the dollar spot.  

 I keep my eyes out for nice gift tags year round.  These are navy blue and go very well with the plaid wrapping paper.

I have a lot more wrapping to do, but it'll all get done!  No worries!

So how do you wrap your gifts?  Do you use gift bags only?  Wrap perfect packages tied up with pretty ribbons?


  1. I always use paper and ribbons...and sometimes a sprig of holly and berries. I like gifts to look pretty. I love your choice of wrappings...they co ordinate perfectly together
    Phoebe x

  2. I always remember a comment my grandfather made as he surveyed the packages under the tree: “Much too beautiful to open.” Well we wouldn’t want that to happen, right?! 😉 No perfectly wrapped gifts around here. I sure do like those plaid deer!

  3. Tartan always looks so Christmassy.

  4. Your wrapping choices are beautiful!

  5. we don't exchange many gifts with one another or others .. so purchasing one roll of paper and a few bags is a simple task. although i *have* wrapped a few empty boxes (that my ornaments go in for storage) and those are in the living room next to our teensie tiny tree.

    i love your wrapping choices .. beautiful!

  6. You found some great gift wrap, and I also love the ribbons you chose to use with them! We had a gift-wrapping session last night at our house. It gives one a sense of accomplishment to see things "all tied up"!

  7. Everything is going to look beautiful with the tartan, burlap, and printed brown paper. I like using plain white or red paper, or newspaper and adding red ribbons or string. I wrapped a few gifts to take to the mainland last week, but there are many more awaiting their turn.

  8. So pretty, Deanna! I love the plaid on the reindeer. This year I picked up some paper in reds and tans at Hobby Lobby. One just opened in my area so I had to check it out!


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