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Friday, December 1, 2017

A Bit More Christmas

Can you believe its December 1st?  So exciting!

I've got most of the interior decorating done in the cottage, but I'll likely tweak a bit here and there.  I started early because I am hosting a Christmas party for my fellow co-op moms tonight!  I can't wait!

I'm going to show you the areas that are public areas in our cottage mainly the kitchen and living room.

My great-grandmother's hutch filled with my teacups and other tea things.  I think before the month is over that nice candle stick up top will be painted white.  I've been meaning to get to it, and seeing it in this photo makes me motivated to get it done.  

 Every year I love our tree.  Its always a bit different since its a real tree.  

It looks lovely at night.

 I wish the tree topper had more light by it.  Its so pretty and sparkly. I needed a new one so I was very happy to have found this one at Target, and its a dove which is a symbol of peace.

I couldn't get a good shot of the big shelve on the wall but I left it mostly the same but I put a Christmas sign on it and a small Christmas tree.  I'll work on some photos of it.

I did get a shot of the top of the plate rack, with my canning jars of flatware and some greens (both faux and real) and a cute plate.

The tall shelves by the kitchen door are mostly the same but I have a few plaid touches.

And at the end of the hallway, some sweet silver (all found at thrift stores except my baby spoon).  I love that you can see the icicle lights reflecting in the mirror.  These lights make the hallway magical!
I made a few changes in the hall bathroom, which is the one guests use, but it has no natural lighting in there, so its hard to photograph.

With it being December 1st, many of us will be reading advent materials of some sort all month.  Brenda at It's A Beautiful Life has an Advent blog called "Restoring The Joy of Christmas."  

I know for many, the holidays are challenging due to loss, or heartache.  This first post "Watch For Moments" is a good one to encourage you and me.  I'm going to be reading there all month long - I hope you'll join me.


  1. Beautiful! I love the picture with the icicles shining in the mirror:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Deanna, your tree is just stunning! I know you must love shows in your cozy and warm cottage...home for the holidays!!!

  3. Everything looks beautiful and I love all of your plaid touches!

  4. It looks like Christmas! Hope you have a great time tonight. Everything is so pretty!


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