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Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Party Number 1

19 of us gathered here at the Cottage, to eat, talk, share life, and play a fun game to exchange ornaments!

I still can't believe that we got everyone in by using a selfie stick!  I'm going to buy myself one!

Everyone brought a treat to share, I had coffee, tea, hot cocoa and our favorite Christmas Tea drink for the hot drinks, and ice water and egg nog for the cold drinks.

After we ate and talked, we gathered for a Christmas devotional and then we played our game.  I found this game on Pinterest. 

Fun idea for a white elephant gift exchange or other large group exchanges.
I'm not going to link to the website as the content is not the best.

You could easily make up your own questions or statements.  It was a lot of fun and I like it better than the game where you can take a gift from someone!

I'm really grateful for these dear women, and am thankful that God has brought them into my life!


  1. You are amazing, Deanna! Sounds like MY kind of evening. And the photo is REALLY great....

  2. Looks like fun. I'll take note of that game. :-)

  3. What fun to have such a big gathering of ladies and to play such a fun game together! That selfie stick was amazing, to capture 19 people in one picture, wow!

  4. Oh how festive! I used to go to our neighborhood ornament exchange every year and it was always a very fun and funny time. 😉

  5. I like that game idea! I have Pinned it to possibly use at Ron's family Christmas party next year. (We already have a game planned for this year.)

    I love the happy faces of your party guests! I am sure that they all had a lovely time at Creekside Cottage!


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