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Friday, December 29, 2017

One Last Project...

We hung curtains in the kitchen at the sliding door!  My grandmother would be so happy right now!  She always thought it was 'creepy' (my word) to not have a curtain here.

But when you have six kids, two dogs, and various cats in the house it just seemed as if that was an area that curtains would get really dirty.  So for 16 years there have been no curtains here.  We now have 3 nearly grown kids and one cat, so the chances for a real mess are way less.  I took a chance and hung curtains. (Meaning Tim did all the work of hanging the rod, and I slid curtains on the rod)

These are not perfectly styled photos (the curtains need to lose their wrinkles still) and its an awkward place to photograph with the trash can to the right and my aloe plant wintering in the house to the left.  I did want to post to document one more project for the year.

I also want to wish Emma and Vinnie a Happy Anniversary!  Two years already!

Two happy, fun years!


  1. The curtains are nice! I have blinds within the glass, which I’d never do again, but no curtains. Some people do find it unsettling. 🙂

  2. I have no curtains on our back door either and my husband holds the same opinion as your grandmother! I love yours. Super pretty and to me, picking them out is the most important job! ;) Happy Anniversary!

  3. I like your curtains! My son and DIL used to live in a very unique house. Also no one entire wall of their den were closet, shelves and the laundry center. They hung long thick curtains along this wall and it was awesome! So convenient and so much storage space!

  4. Happy New Year, Deanna! I'll bet those curtains makes your room feel cozier!

  5. Catching up here this morning, dear friend! I hope that your anniversary trip is going so well, that you and Tim are enjoying this special time of celebration. Happy anniversary!! And happy anniversary to Emma and Vinnie too! There are lots of happy occasions for your family during the holiday season!

    I am glad that you had a lovely Christmas, making sweet memories with your loves. And girl, you are so full of energy . . . making all these changes after Christmas with undoing decorations and furniture rearranging and new curtains! You make me look like cold molasses! :)

    Talk to you soon!

  6. It always feels good to get projects done that have been sitting on the back burner! And what a sweet couple your Emma and Vinnie are, already with a little one too :) Hugs to you and a Happy New Year!


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