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Thursday, December 28, 2017

I'm Doing My Post Christmas Re-Arranging Early

I love to hold on to Christmas until after New Years, but this year that's not happening.  Well, I should clarify that not all the Christmas is going away, just the tree.  We undressed it and it is now providing a lovely habitat for birds and other creatures in our pasture. We have several things happening that I need to prepare for and that necessitated my taking our Christmas tree down.  I was so sad to see it go.

The things I needed to prepare for are my anniversary trip to Florida and our friends' knee replacement surgery in early January.

Tim and I fly this weekend to spend a week away to celebrate 30 years.  We'll get to see his mom and other family, and we'll be staying with our dear friends in their home.  We have some fun things planned and some days unplanned and we're okay with that.  

We have someone staying here with the kids while we're gone, and they're already planning the fun they'll have New Year's Eve and other days.

A few days after our return, our friend Denny is having his left knee replaced.  He is single and lives in a second floor apartment that is only accessible by a steep staircase.  With winter weather and these stairs there is no way for him to recover at his apartment.  So we offered to let him stay with us. 

We are giving him the master suite, so that he'll have complete privacy when he wants it.  Tim and I will be sleeping downstairs during this time, and it'll be cozy with the comfy bed and woodstove. 

With the surgery happening so close to our trip, I needed to prepare the house this week.  That meant moving the TV (for movie watching) out of our room and into the living room.  That meant we needed to move the furniture around and that meant the Christmas tree needed to go. (sniff)

If you are still with me, you are amazing!  

We got the furniture all rearranged, and when we get back we'll move our clothing downstairs.  I'm liking the way the furniture is arranged. It'll work well, I think, for 6 weeks or so while our friend is recovering.

The lights, garlands and small trees in the house are still up.  I often keep them up through January, since they are not decorate other than with lights.  I love having extra lights for ambiance during the cold, dark winter months.

Once everything is tidy from the rearranging, and I put the vacuum away, I'll take some photos and show you how its all looking.

Oh, I just realized I need to pack, too!  I'm leaving in two days!


  1. Have a wonderful time. It should be warmer there, at least a bit! :-)

  2. So happy you can get to Florida to celebrate. Sounds fanTAStic!
    Creating a temporary bedroom for yourselves while Denny recovers in your home means you'll kind of return to a new, private haven yourselves! It's a win/win situation!

    We've decided to leave our (artificial) tree up through Three Kings Day...I think we'll give our tree away at the end of this season. Not quite sure though.....We have another small one - or two or three if I'm honest :)

  3. How wonderful that you are getting away for an entire week! You are dear friends to help your friend in this way. Praying that the surgery goes very well. Will you be helping with therapy also? The tree was lovely and you have your photos and memories. Some things are more important. Sweet travels and time away!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you will have a wonderful time. How kind to help your friend recover from surgery in your home. True hospitality! I'm taking my tree down early this year, too. Have a great trip.

  5. What a good friend you are to offer your friend a space in your home during his recovery! My decorations will all be coming down over the next few days and then the real fun begins...purging the house, one room at a time followed by painting and touching up walls and woodwork. I hope you have a wonderful trip and Happy Anniversary!

  6. Your tree was so beautiful. I'm always sad when we take down the tree too. Have a great time in Florida!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I'm a little jealous that you are headed to Florida since it is single digit and minus temps here in Michigan! I know you miss the tree but it sounds like you'll be making some sweet memories and having a great time. You're a sweetie to let your friend stay with you to recover. Prayers for a good outcome on his surgery and traveling mercies for you!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Furniture shuffles can be fun, and what a great reason to do it - how kind of you to offer your space to someone recuperating from surgery.

  9. Happy Anniversary and enjoy that trip! You two deserve it and truly have the biggest hearts. You are always so eager to open your home to friends in need. Super kind...Enjoy the warmth and have fun!


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