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Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Stockings Were Hung

For many years now, we've been hanging our stockings on this old ladder.  We don't have a hearth or a banister in our cottage so this is how we handle our stockings.

On Christmas Eve, we all gather here and open our stockings.  Everything from socks, to gum, to earbuds, to new toothbrushes.  You never know what you'll find in your stocking.  Most of the grown ups buy stuff to put into the stockings.  

Do you do stocking gifts in your family traditions?  What kinds of things do you put into your stockings?


  1. We use daily to! One year that WAS the Christmas gift. Everyone contrived to the stockings and we all opened them on Christmas Eve. Now I continue to hang them but we don’t actually fill them anymore. Amber and Mike continue the tradition of opening the stockings over Christmas morning breakfast before doing the tree just as we did when Amber was growing up. Love that y’all hang yours on a ladder!

  2. We did stockings when the kids were home and now they stuff their own kids. Yours look bright and cheery. When we were kids we hung up literal socks.

  3. I always love seeing your stockings hung on the ladder! Such a fun and clever way to display them!

    Our new Christmas stockings (ahem) are still waiting for me to make them. Last year the "stockings" were little boxes of goodies. It looks like it will be the same this year. Maybe next year . . .

  4. now this is a creative solution to hang a multitude of
    stockings! clark and i have new stockings this year..
    furry ones in white/espresso tones. they hang, one on
    each side of our fireplace. :)


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