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Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Party 2 - Christmas Tea Party

We had 19 ladies and girls here for tea Thursday night.  

We had to rearrange the living room furniture to set up another table, but it worked out perfectly.  It was so good to share good food and tea together.  We also played an ornament exchange game, and everyone enjoyed it very much!

Tomorrow, I'll put away all the tea things, and put the furniture back where it belongs.  For tonight, I want to bask in the light of the tree and think about the lovely time we had together.


  1. You are such a great hostess!! I am sure that everyone had a fun and festive time!

  2. It looks like a wonderful time! Love the picture of the two girls in their caps! The gardener wears those kind of caps. That ornament game is always fun.

  3. Everyone is wearing a smile! Your relaxed approach is a healthful one and may be why you succeed with your parties and anxiety!


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