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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Happy Birthday!


Today is the baby of the family's birthday! Kyle is a kind, sensitive, caring young man. He is a gift to our family and today he is 17!

We are so thankful for him and look forward to celebrating his last year of boyhood. It's crazy to think that next year he'll be a legal adult. I always say that God knows what you need and He knew we'd need Kyle!

Happy Birthday, Kyle!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kyle 🎈 Just love that photo of him wearing the tweed newsboy cap. Well I really love them all. Enjoy this wonderful year.

  2. Happiest of birthdays to Kyle! It was such a pleasure to spend some time with Kyle on our recent visit! He has grown into such a charming young man! (Doing the math again, he was only 7 years old when we first met your family. Crazy!)

    Yes, the Lord knows what and who we will need on our journey!

  3. Sweet tribute to you youngest! Happy birthday Kyle!

  4. Happy birthday Kyle, what a beautiful little boy, all grown up to a handsome young man. God is good.

  5. Deanna, what a darling! And he must be a good sport to allow his proud mom to put him on her blog! Wonderful photos, but I especially like the photo of him in the tweed cap.


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