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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Weekend and Crazy Monday

 Hello friends!

We had a slow paced weekend. It was very nice. Tim finished the deck and we are waiting for the inspector to come have a look at it. It looks great and I will get a photo today and show you tomorrow.

I pulled my tomato plant out of it's pot. It's time had come. I also dead headed my pink rose that is next to the deck. Japanese beetles had been munching on it's leaves as well.  Yuck. There are some pretty roses on it still as we approach September.

Sunday we had church, and so did the Amish that live down the road from church. I snapped some buggy photos from the car.

I had decided that we would start school on Monday (yesterday) and we all were prepared for that. Sunday night a big rain storm with some lightning moved in as I went to bed and we ended up with about 3 inches before it stopped on Monday morning.

 We were not prepared for the power to go out at 6:00 am yesterday morning and stay out for until almost 9:00 am! However, we were able to get a good day of school accomplished. Kyle is a senior this year, Kamryn is in 6th, and Klaire is doing Kindergarten.

                                              Klaire waiting to get started with school. 

The girls stayed until about 2:30, and I had a few hours to relax and visit with our friend Denny who comes to our home on Monday afternoons. Mom had decided to make a yummy roast dinner with potatoes and carrots so I did not have to worry about making dinner. 

As the afternoon went on we kept hearing thunder and after a while some dark clouds moved in, the wind picked up and boom! Another thunderstorm! The rain was pouring down again! And again, the power went out! We had dinner by candlelight.

This was before 6:00 pm and the power didn't come back on until about 8:40 pm. Sigh. This was a big problem because Sarah noticed some water had come into our basement, and Tim and Kyle had to deal with it in the dark with headlamps on! It was a big challenge because there is no room to move furniture due to having all my parents things downstairs!

Ah...Nate came to help and Sarah came home (she'd been out all afternoon) and it was done pretty quickly. Thankful.

Today, will be day two of school, and when the week is over we'll be five days ahead of our school district. They start on Monday. 

My life will be a bit busier on the daily now, but that is good. I need purpose in my life and for now this is it. I'm going to enjoy the days of learning together, and cozy afternoons of each of us reading our books together in the living room. When the weather softens into autumn, we'll likely read outside under the maple trees! I can't wait!

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  1. You ended on an idyllic note. ☺️ I can imagine you all under he trees with your books.

    What a night you folks had. It is no fun to be trying to clear and clean without lights. Are
    those headlamps pretty good? Hopefully, the problem was fixed for good.

    Hooray for a strong start in schooling. It's nice to be ahead so soon.


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