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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The A Word


Now, Kim {Exquisitely Unremarkable}, this post is not for you, but for those of us who anticipate the return of cooler temperatures, and changing leaves!

I adore Autumn and look forward to it every year, even though I find good things to enjoy every season. We are half way through August, our evenings are in the 60's, and the walnut tree leaves are turning yellow. Autumn is on it's way.

We have many warm and sunny days ahead of us in September but as we begin to get to the Autumnal Equinox the light changes from the bright, strong sunlight of summer to the softer sunlight of autumn. I'm ready for it.

We'll be starting school on Monday. It's Kyle's last year. I'll also being schooling Kamryn and Klaire this year. I don't know what the following school year will look like, but for this year, I'm wanting to savor the time together. I've been at this for a very long time. Educating my children at home (and now some grands) has been a hard and beautiful thing. Mostly beautiful. 

I'm also starting to think about our Fall Fest which we host every year in October. Hay Rides, outdoor movie for kids, some games, lots of good food, a nice bonfire to sit around. 

I love the whole aesthetic of autumn.

For me Autumn starts on September 1st, as followed by meteorologists. Autumn is September, October, November that way. The equinox is Thursday, September 22nd this year. 

Due to our area having warm weather still in September, I usually do not get any real pumpkins for the outdoor spaces at my home until October. But I'll start to dry the hydrangea, bring out the autumn toned pillow covers and throw blankets, change my everyday dishes to my Johnson Brothers Friendly Village dishes. 


I know I have autumn lover friends, and really if you can't let go of summer, I still love you, too! We are each unique!

If you love autumn, what is your favorite thing about it? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


  1. This has been such a terribly hot summer for us, I'm really looking forward to fall! Today is supposed to the be last of the triple digit days and tomorrow will actually be rainy and in the 80's! I'm having a hard time waiting for September to get out my fall decorations!

  2. Autumn is my favourite season, but here in northerly Alberta I am very much still enjoying our beautiful summer days. Definitely don't want to rush towards September. But I know for those whose summers are far too hot to be enjoyed autumn is longed for with its cooler and crisper days. Which is one thing I do love about autumn. And the feeling of a new start as the school terms begin. And the beauty of all the vibrant colours of golds and yellows and russets.

  3. I do love Autumn. I am not a summer clothes kind of gal. I like long sleeves. I enjoy fall events like cider fest and corn mazes. I always enjoyed the Back to School days. The days of more organization after the willy nilly days of summer.

  4. Deanna, you just made my day and you have no idea what a grin I have on my face right now. I love the fact that you know I'm a devoted summer girl!! However, I will say that lately, I've been thrifting and gathering candlesticks and a few pumpkins and while I still have my feet firmly set in summer, the pull of fall is tugging at my sleeve. Shhh! I'm jealous of your teaching plans, I miss my classroom and the kids. I know you must be excited to get started with the littles and dive into Kyle's senior studies...I can smell those sharpened pencils from here! xo

  5. I love EVERYTHING about autumn! The feel of the air, the scent of the molding leaves gathering at the curbs, the crunch of dried leaves, the cooler temps - hopefully. I love sweaters and flannel sheets, all things pumpkin scented from hand sanitizers to Glade plug ins to Starbucks Coffee.....and spiced pumpkin muffins and fruitcake cookies. And Neil Diamond singing September Morn - over and and over again! Only 13 days and it will be September First! My very own personal holiday and my very favorite day of the year! September is coming.....

  6. Well I love autumn; it is my favorite season, but I am NOT ready to talk about it yet. 😏

  7. This is a "hard" time.... :-) Teases of Autumn, but heat to return...

    Don't really want to get in Autumn Mood, yet.

    But then, why not? Perfectly gorgeous Autumn does not last that long.




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